How to check IP address in Gmail

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    One of our new member asked me how to check IP address in gmail so created this thread :)

    *First of all login to your gmail
    *Go to your gmail inbox and open the mail
    *Now simply click on triangle there and click on show orignal (please check Screnshot)


    now in next page you need to check something like this

    Received: from [] (port=1377 helo=wipro1de7147c0)
    here is another screenshot for you

    Received: from [[B][/B]] (port=1377 helo=wipro1de7147c0)
    this is the email address of sender and after this you can use number of links to check this IP address, please google to get the websites and utilities to check ip address :)

    Hope it will help you :)
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    Thumps up

    Good one. That was really informative.All the best
  3. New Member

    hmm.. looks like the IP of the sender, but what it means by port=1377 helo=wiprolde7147c0.

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