How To Check GPRS Balance On Vodafone?

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  1. Hello, Everyone :)
    There are two ways to know that.
    (1) To Get Infomation about your GPRS balance on vodafone india you have to just Dial *111# Then Choose English Language by Pressing 2, Then you have to Press 5 (Which is for Knowing 1>GPRS Active Plan, 2> GPRS Balance).

    Summary : *111# >2>5>2. [ > this means after getting result of *111# you have to answer it by pressing 2 then after getting the result answer it by pressing 5 and then again 2]
    That's work on everywhere within in India. ©

    (2) If you're still confused for my previous way then, Just Sms DATA BAL to 144. Which works everywhere within india. ©

    I Hope, You Got That :D
    Thanks for reading this post!
  2. chiiirag

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    "DATA BAL" to 144 works

    Thanks again

    rep +
  3. mickey

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    I dont understand why a big company like Vodafone cannot have a single *123# to know the balance of both your calls and your gprs.. .:confused:


    "dikhawe pe mat jao, apni akal lagao":rolleyes:
  4. RamJet

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    Because they are two seperate things, mobile balance and mobile internet data.

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