How To Check BSNL Broadband Account Usage?

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    Do you use BSNL broadband? It is good to frequently check your broadband account usage to understand your usage pattern. This will also help you to control your downloads if you are on volume based plan so that you do not run up into huge bills which you will later regret. Checking your BSNL broadband account usage also helps you to ensure that there are no abuses in your account and no one is making any unauthorized use of your broadband account.

    If you are not sure how to check your BSNL broadband account usage, here are the steps that you need to follow to check your usage. You should visit the following link to check your broadband usage Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.. In this page you will find a link on top of the page called “Check Usage”. Click this link and it will open a new page from where you will be able to log into your account. Have your username and password ready before you visit this page. Enter your BSNL broadband username and password to enter your account and click the “Login” button.

    This will take you to the user portal from where you will be able to check your usage. Go through the various links available to check your usage. From here you will be able to check for the total usage as on a given date. You will notice that the data available is updated up to the previous day of your checking. Today’s usage will be updated in your account only by tomorrow.
    It is also possible to check your BSNL broadband usage through your mobile phones. You will be able to check your usage from your BSNL mobile as well as from other mobiles. You need to send the following text to get your BSNL broadband usage “bbu<space>telephone number with STD code”. If you are using BSNL mobile then the SMS should be sent to 52295. If you are using some other mobile connection, you need to send your SMS to 9448077777. Checking your BSNL broadband account usage through SMS is the easiest way to check your broadband usage.

    If you want alerts from BSNL when you cross your monthly usage limits as per your package, then you can register for free alerts. This will help you keep a tab on your broadband usage. To register you need to send the following SMS “REG <space> telephone number with STD code”. This will register your account for free alerts and you will start getting your alerts to the mobile phone from which you have sent your SMS. This is highly helpful because you need not have to go online to check whether your usage limits have been crossed.

    Do not feel lazy to check your account usage. Regularly checking your usage will put you in total control of your broadband bills.
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  3. How to check data usage of Reliance Broadband+ netconnect?

    That was good info. for BSNL users.But i am concerned about usage of netconnect.Will somebody guide me?
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    SMS usage tells that i have unlimited plan

    i am using home combo plan of rs 500 (2.5 GB free limit)
    n it was shown in SAP selfcare portal of BSNL,
    but today it is showing that there is no unbilled usage of broadband.
    & when i sent "BBU<space>telephoneno" (without quotes) to 9448077777,
    then sms from BSNL came which tells me that my free limit is Unlimited..
    can anybody explain that to me?
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    thank u

    i was searching for this information about my total monthly download for a long time....... thank you very much..........
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    Do we have to request a username and password for unlimited users?I just want to check how much data i use every month and i did not get any username or a .bsnl mail id.
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    1. Mention your circle/location. There are 5 sites according to your circle where you can check your usage.

    2. Alternatively, you can use a bandwidth meter. Shaplus or Networx will do. Please note that it won't show what is in the portal, instead the actually value based on your PC.

    3. Make a call to the local exchange. They keep your portal ID in their records.
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    I live in Andhra pradesh.
  10. meetdilip

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    Which Circle ? Try this

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    or call the BB Postpaid Customer care @ 18004241600
    If you haven't changed your portal id/pass ,email id/pass, service user id/pass, they can tell you.
    If you have, then ask them to give the number of SDE of your exchange.Contact him and he will tell you your recent details.
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    regarding usage info

    Thank You very much for the info,I appreciate it.

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    how to check bsnl broadband usage.

    You have to register at <> (south zone users)
    use the ID that is there on your telephone bill while registering.
    PLEASE note that this dumb site opens only in Internet Explorer :)
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    That was a wonderful information.Thank you so much for this simple method. I was trying all other roundabout ways so far checking my bsnl broadband usage for so long including installingmeters etc.

    With malice towards none I mayinform those concerened that the site <> use one of the most round about and unfriendly software I have come across used in a public utility service

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    HI Mr.Vinay babu!I agree with you 100%.WE have to go thru so many steps just to get usage details.And there is no guarantee that you will get it!IT just stops dead at our telephone number!I am In Mysore Karnataka circle.i had been to Trichur kerala last friend logged into with my user ID andspassword into and lo! the usage details were flashed.
    so it is for TN and kerala circle and thios lousy lazy lethargic for Andhra and karnataka.the womnderful thin g is i am not able to log into from my laptop at mysore bcoz this IP adress doesnt connect to data.bsnl in and Shaplus doesnt log into self is n o problem if this lousy selfcare portal is accesible is down more often than not.that is the problem.MR.Vinaybabu i would like to know which circle are you in?if you dont mind.
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    Thank you Mr.mani
    I belong to the Kerala circle.I agree with your view.The shaplus works well with my WinX but not with my Win7.I use both OS as some application do not work with Win7.

  17. h n s mani

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    Hi Mr Vinay Babu.

    Thanks very much for your quick reply.My laptop has Win XP only.hope to xchange views with you in this forum in future.Regards

    h n s mani

    Hi Mr Yashrek!may I know which circle are you in?i am in Mysore and so stuck with this lousy lethargic which opens only in IE.I wonder why BSNL being a central PSU went for this new software only for HYd and karnataka was so nice.this lousy site is down more often than not.Please tell me whether you are also facing this problem often?Shall be thankful for a response from you in this regard.IS there no way out for us from this imbroglio?
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    I wonder why BSNL being a central PSU went for this new software only for HYd and karnataka was so nice.this lousy site is down more often than not.Please tell me whether you are also facing this problem often?Shall be thankful for a response from you in this regard.IS there no way out for us from this imbroglio?

    @ h n s mani

    The only alternative is to use a good bandwidth meter like Networx or Shaplus and counter check usage at portal at regular intervals. The above mentioned bandwidth meters when configured properly gives more or less same values as BSNL portal.
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    checking BSNL BB usage!

    Hi Mr Dilip,

    thanks for your quick rep and suggestion.But herein lies the does not connect to connects readily to which is the portal for Kerala and Tn circles. am in Mysore.I was able to log into thru from my friend's laptop at Thrissur.but when I tried the same from mysore it does not connect.The nuisance is this portal works only IN IE.
  20. meetdilip

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    Use the bandwidth meter, not dataone tool. It monitors your computer's network adapter and check usage. Also try Networx, it has a graphics interface. Use both to make sure that one of it is not wrong.

    Shaplus do not support SDC portal because no one was willing to give their password to the author to code it for that portal. You can mail him your password and request support for your site.

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