How to check BSNL 3G data Usage

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by deepeshtaunk, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. deepeshtaunk

    deepeshtaunk New Member

    Hi friends,

    I am using BSNL 3G prepaid service on my Nokia N70 mobile.
    I have activated 549 plan i.e ( 606 ) 1GB / 5GB.

    How can i know my data usage for it. I have spoken to customer
    care they say there is no facility to check data usage. I just don't
    understand how com bsnl cant keep a log of our data usage. Right
    now I am using a download monitor to track my downloads.

    Does any one know how to check remaining data to be utilized ?

  2. tarunbhatt

    tarunbhatt New Member

    if you are in up east you can check your data usage by pressing *123*6#
  3. deepeshtaunk

    deepeshtaunk New Member

    I am from West region i.e Pune maharastra. But I tried pressing *123*6# , I got the message "You cannot recharge your account anymore. Please contact the customer care service."

    Do you know anything about it.?
  4. rocky2003

    rocky2003 Member

    *123*6# is used to check the data usage on Airtel gprs.I think you blocked you have clicked *123*6# more than 5 times from bsnl mobile.thats why your coupon recharge has been blocked for some period.Because if you enter continuously 3-5 times invalid coupon no then your coupon recharge option wiil be automatically blocked........!!!!
  5. wapkerala

    wapkerala New Member

    Hi deepeshtaunk How Much Speeds Do U get From Bsnl 3G There Can U Show Speedtest result Of Bsnl 3G?
  6. janvir

    janvir New Member

    Dialing this number give me "Recharge not possible" message.. :(
  7. robert_0007

    robert_0007 Member

    Dialing this number give me "Your FRC Offnet Account Balance Rs 0.00 Validity: -" message
  8. desinet1

    desinet1 New Member

    AFAIK *123*6# doesn't work with BSNL.
  9. Swapnil

    Swapnil New Member

    Try *112# and it will give the menu. Reply with 2 and it will give data usage details.
  10. robert_0007

    robert_0007 Member

    Dialing *112# gives me "unknown application":D
  11. Swapnil

    Swapnil New Member

    I am using 82GH 3G USB MODEM (HSUPA) and it's software has option USSD allows you to send *112# message to check the data usage.

    Sample Reply:
    [Sent] *112#
    [Received] Press 1 for main, 2 for GPRS DAY, 3 for SMS, 4 for Voice, 5 for GPRS NIGHT, 6 Credits by SMS, 7 to exit.
  12. robert_0007

    robert_0007 Member

    I think this service is circle specific. As I have tried this *112#, From my mobile itself and it shows the above message only.
  13. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    BSNL 3G Un Limited Subcribers (old) - Have you ever checked 3G Plan balance?

    Have you ever sent a USSD code and got a reply - say- " So many Mb balance and /or Your u/L data plan expires on such and such a date ? ":D
    Iam too scared to call them.:p
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  14. venkatjv

    venkatjv New Member

    dial *123# from ur data card dialer you get sms abt your data information
  15. mangang

    mangang New Member

    Try *123*10#..... and *123*8# ..... This works fine for me here in Northeast India.
  16. robert_0007

    robert_0007 Member

    Yes you are right. *123*10#..... gives the GPRS balance data in MB and *123*8# ..... gives the night GPRS balance data in MB. I am also from Northeast.
  17. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    Today, I have spent more than an hour with Mandhaveli official regarding my capping to 512Kbps and data account checking. He said he will forward my mail to concerned authorities for further action.

    Today he has replied to my long pending question, that they have recently received clarification from higher authorities to allow the existing unlimited customers to have unlimited usage up to six months from the date of our entering to the unlimited plan ( and not from the change of tariff to limited usage i.e 18th / 25th Feb ).

    As he has promised, called me in the evening and informed me to send sms " usg " to 53333. ( For Chennai / tamilnadu customers ) to know the data usage. It works. *123*10# and *123*8# not working for me.

    When I checked my usage the reply sms was ....37975 KB off peak and 1748134 KB peak usage ...... So totally 1.70GB data used.

    But for my 1.70GB itself they have capped me to 512 Kbps connectivity. I will compensate their mistake, in some other way, if it is not settled shortly. No other option.

    That officer said that capping will be settled not before the end of March. He is very smart enough, not to disclose the reason. An excellent talented, knowledgeable and obliging officer, very rare to come in contact with. Because most of them will simply divert you ..... take diversion .... take diversion .... take diversion ...... take diversion...... Finally you will end at the first person who has diverted you.
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  18. robert_0007

    robert_0007 Member

    I want to know, whether sending SMS to 53333 is chargable or not? Because in my circle we generally send 'USG' to 53333 to know the 2G postpaid usage and it is chargable (Rs 2 per SMS).
  19. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    Mine is only Data plan (3G). I have put the sim in the mobile and sent the sms. I don't think it will be charged, because there is no other way to know our usage in 3G data plans, while they have limited the GB. (In LLine BBand account there is provision to log in to your accont. For 3G no such provision.

    Let us see in the next month's bill. :)
  20. me using mobile partner ver16 with umg 1831 and i am able to send sms through it to know my data balance on rel 2g. why dont u try mobil partner for the same..???

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