How to check bsnl 2g data usage

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by kats1201, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. kats1201

    kats1201 New Member

    I am running in 270 rup 6 gb data plan. i am from tamilnadu.

    i read many posts by many people giving me different numbers to check my usage. but nothing workded for me. either it says wrong numbber or it says recharge not possible.

    Can someone pls tell me exactly what number i shud type to check the 2g data usage.

    Thanks guys.. !!
  2. kats1201

    kats1201 New Member

    i finally found a way to check for 2g data usage.... god.. they can be seen only in INR and its not possible to see exactly how much mb is still left.. u gotta call 123 and then select the option 1 after it says u the main account balance.. it ll ask for subsidiary acc balance then click 1 and then again it ll ask for voice acc balance and click once again 1 then boom there u get ur gprs balance rupess....

    god damn it. bsnl..
  3. Warrior

    Warrior Member

  4. kats1201

    kats1201 New Member

    yeah dheeraj. i have seen this post.. i read all ur post on 606 plan.. but i am talkin abt 2g not 3g.. the option that u told i tried but it doesnt work buddy
  5. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    which mean dialing 123............. at last you got what you want cheers :D:D:D
  6. kats1201

    kats1201 New Member

    i tried all the options buddy.. 123 and also 234 and everythin but it din work...
  7. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    ok .......:):):)
  8. kats1201

    kats1201 New Member

    dheeraj i have a airtel sim card. i tot of porting it to bsnl and tryin to convert that sim into bsnl 3g..

    do u have any idea how this MNP is done.. i already sent the port sms to 1900 and got the port code.. but wat do i do next ??? any idea ??
  9. Warrior

    Warrior Member

  10. goto bsnl's head office in your city, fill up the MNP form with your current mobile number's details along with UPC code's details. pay them MNP charges and wait for porting process to get completed.

    NOTE:- airtel will offfer some tariff plan for 1 month or so to lieu you to stay on their network. PLZ PLZ PLZ dont accept any offers from them as thy will take it as "reversing porting request" and reject your port out request and wont let you port out for next 3 months.
  11. kats1201

    kats1201 New Member

    sending sms with the content DATA2G to 53733 clearly worked for me in tamilnadu circle....

    i tried this through somone who posted this info in other thread. just wanted to close this thread by sayin this .. thnks buds.. :)
  12. inba

    inba Member

    can you pls tell me how do you recharge with 270 and what is your speed on this
  13. kats1201

    kats1201 New Member

    buddy in tamilnadu i dont think we can e-recharge this 270 rup pack..

    instead get some 300 rup top up in ur account and send sms GPRS 245 to 53733

    this is the only option
  14. anurag840

    anurag840 New Member

    type*123*6# and dial
  15. jon08

    jon08 New Member

    In Kolkata & West bengal Circle it is *123*10# for check out 2G & 3G data balance, you can try this....

    POWARAJ New Member

    in maharashtra *112# the 2.
  17. kats1201

    kats1201 New Member

    it doesnt work for me mate.
  18. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    wow in AP *123*10# is for airtel ...i check data balance by this code on my airtel no.

    Why don't operators have same code in every state ? :mad:
  19. nikhil_spunky

    nikhil_spunky New Member

    seems one will have to file RTI in order to know the balance MBs LOL:D:D:D
  20. kartheek

    kartheek New Member

    Hehe, well said bro :D

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