How to check balance in data card

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by preferity, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. preferity

    preferity New Member

    I'm using beetel unlock data card with BSNL sim.
    I can't check the balance.I need to put the SIM in my mobile to check the data balance. I think my data card's software don't support that my question is

    Is it possible to check the balance using any other external software?

    And if not possible

    Any one know how to check the GPRS balance by voice dialing?Because software support voice call.
  2. buntymurarka

    buntymurarka New Member

    upgrade your modems dashboard with mobile partner........or install mobile partner software in your mobile partner software you are able to check balance and also able to make voice calls
  3. preferity

    preferity New Member

    Where can i get this software?
    And i'm not sure whether this software will support my modem or not?
  4. buntymurarka

    buntymurarka New Member

    search google for mobile partner and give a try.....
  5. shameerphasan

    shameerphasan New Member

    see scrrenshot


  6. preferity

    preferity New Member

    Thanks both of you.I solved my problem.I didn't try the mobile partner software as this software come s with huwaei modem.I managed to download the dialer software of ZTE which comes with dokomo modem.And it working fine.
  7. dhaval004

    dhaval004 Member

    I am not able to check in--> UMG1831 + Mobile Partner

    I am using BSNL Microsim 3G.
    When I tried to check the balance by using Mobile Partner, in response I am not getting any thing.
    Do I need to upgrade anything or what?
  8. 3Glover

    3Glover New Member

    This thread is still UnResolved. Need help to know balance when SIM is in BSNL3G Datacard (Teracom). I mean no need to remove sim when sending SMS. Any help is greatly appreciated...

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