How to change DNS of Tata Photon + to improve its speed

Discussion in 'Tata indicom Photon' started by itsmemad, Feb 17, 2011.

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    I purchased Tata Photon + device last month on 27th of January. My plan is 5 GB @ 3.1 Mbps and after that unlimited @ 155 Kbps. It used to download @ 1 Mbps (advertised speed is 3.1 Mbps) till 13th February. I was happy because it was enough for my requirements.

    However, from 14th Feb, I'm not able to browse websites during the peak hours, i.e., from 10 AM to 6 PM. After 6 PM it works normally but the results now show the download speed @ 0.5 Mbps. My usage has been less than 2.7 GB this month. Hence, I should still get the maximum speed.

    The main issue is that the TATA Photon + connection doesn't work at all during the peak hours. It gets authenticated and connects alright, but I can't access any websites, including Tata Indicom's website.

    I'm using Windows 7 on my Laptop. Wearing my troubleshooter hat, I tried to change the DNS settings of the connection to the Google's DNS and Windows pops up a message to redial the connection to make the changes take effect. When I reconnect, the DNS settings are refreshed to "Obtain DNS server address automatically." :(

    Is there a way to change the DNS settings of Tata Photon + permanently? I will really appreciate it if any other steps are suggested to troubleshoot the issue.

    P.S.: I raised a ticket with Tata Photon + customer care yesterday. The reference # is 254051739. One techie visited my home today during the peak hours. He did some troubleshooting which I guess my granny can do better than him. LOL.. Clueless after an hour, he said that it's a problem with my Laptop. Dang! I told him that if my Laptop is the culprit, the Internet should not work after 6 PM. :rolleyes: Struggling with an answer, he said that he'll bring his own Laptop to check the connection tomorrow. However, I don't have much hope from him.
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    Forgot to update this thread. The issue was on the server end... And they took almost 2 weeks to fix it... Anyway hope that it contiues well.. I'm happy customer since last Sunday.. One thing I liked about them was prompt customer care... Some one used to call me everyday to confirm if it's working normally. That gesture brought hope that they were working on the issue.

    Perhaps there is no way to change the DNS...
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    Buddy if i chnage the DNS permant then my net speed increase?
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    Browsing speed may or may not increase... It is just one of the hit and trial methods...
    One thing is sure that unlike your ISPs, DNS services from OpenDNS and Google DNS shouldn't be unresponsive.

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