how to activate wifi in bsnl broad band

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by draisingani, May 16, 2009.

  1. draisingani

    draisingani New Member

    how to activate wifi in bsnl broad band
  2. kirankumargb

    kirankumargb Guest

    To activate wifi in BSNL broadband you need to have a wifi enabled router.
    If you have one then,

    Type in your browser Ex: internet explorer
    when asked for username & password type "admin" in both without quotes
    now on the left panel goto Wireless and then on right side click enable wireless
    Wifi will be switched on, you can confirm it by seeing another light on the router in WLAN
  3. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Please follow this guide if you have BSNL WA 3002-G4.

    You have to set up a wireless network also
    in your computer with the Wireless LANCARD if a laptop.
    Start All programs
    (Wireless) network connection wizard
    follow instructions.
  4. John Babu

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    Thanks kiran for providing such an awesome and simple instruction. Just now i got BSNL broadband connection and were trying to connect WLAN last night, Since i have no manual for modem i dont know how to enable it. When i followed your instructions i could find it's quite easy to configure and use WLAN. Once again thank you!

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