How to activate national roaming on Mblaze standard modem

Discussion in 'MTS MBlaze' started by hb247, Sep 12, 2010.

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    I have recently purchased an MTS Blaze Standard modem and my OS is Windows 7.

    I am trying to activate the national roaming service on my connection but I seem to be stuck.

    I have downloaded the software to enable national roaming on mblaze standard from their website ( and have extracted the files on my PC.
    However, when I try to run the file mts_bin_script.exe from this folder I get a COM1 loader window but there is nothing else to confirm that the national roaming service has been enabled. On the MTS Blaze website the roaming activation instructions are only available for MTS Premium data service.

    I am enclosing the screenshot of the application window popup and would appreciate if anyone can shed some light on the same. I had called up the support staff at the MTS call center but they were asking me to get my PC checked for viruses which is quite a ridiculous suggestion as I have the latest AV installed on my laptop.

    Has anyone faced such an issue with enabling MTS national roaming on MTS Mblaze Standard and if so than how were they able to resolve this issue?

    Hriday Biyani

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    I am also facing exactly the same problem.. I am running MTS Standard on windows XP Home (P4 machine)... Thinking there is something wrong with my personal laptop, I tried it on my office laptop (running XP Pro SP2 on intel core i5) but the problem does not go away... I get the same windows with message (Trying open (COM1) ) and it goes on repeating... I kept the program running for one hour but same story,, no progress at all.

    I suspect it is looking for MTS modem on COM1 and it is not there,,, anyways the installer seems full of crap,, the guy who developed it and the MTS both are crap...

    Lastly, I have been calling customer care regularly. I filed three complaints so far but no luck yet (since 23rd Nov 2010)... They close each complaint after 10 days and when I ask for status, they say the complaint has been closed without any "remark" and hence force me to file a new complaint..

    I sever,, I am going to drag their ***** to the court for this if they do not figure out how to get it working..

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