How to activate 3g on bsnl 2g sim?

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by mayank107, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. mayank107

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    I buy bsnl 2G sim costing Rs 20 only. I recharged(FRC) it with Rs 180. I recharged it with 3G data plan Rs 50(200 MB data ). But I am not getting speed of 3G only 2G speed. But my dad sim is giving 3G speed. CC is not responding well. I am using sim on huawei modem. Anybody please can help me.
  2. mayank107

    mayank107 New Member

    Please reply to the above post
  3. drba

    drba Member

    change ur sim

    3g sim cost .JPG change your sim card go to bsnl & ask for 128k(3g sim /usim ) sim
    they will charge Rs 60 or Rs 100
    ur sim card is 32k (its 2g sim/ normal sim )

    in bsnl there is 2 type of sim
    1) 2g/normal sim (32k)
    2) 3g/usim (128k)
  4. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    @ mayank107
    send M3G120 to 53733 (toll free) to activate 3G


    You can access 3G on normal 2g sim also, we don't need any special 3G sim to access 3g.
  5. drba

    drba Member

    plz follow
    Warrior s
    if it is not working then follow my suggestion
  6. chandra2730

    chandra2730 Member

    I would suggest to never recharge a GPRS plan on a BSNL 3G sim.
    I would suggest to never recharge a 3G plan on a BSNL 2G sim.
    3G data plan recharge on 3G sim.
    2G data plan recharge on 2G sim.
    Thats the only way getting of true 3G speed.

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