How much you download and upload in one month???

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by infoinn, Mar 27, 2008.


How much you download + Upload in one month???

  1. 1 MB - 1 GB (Level 1 Downloader/ Causal Surfer/ E-mail Checker)

  2. 1 GB - 4 GB (Level 2 Downloader/ Web Surfer)

  3. 4 GB - 10 GB (Level 3 Downloader/ Newbie of downloading world)

  4. 10 GB - 20 GB (Level 4 Downloader/ Download Thinker)

  5. 20 GB - 40 GB (Level 5 Downloader/ Slow Downloader)

  6. 40 GB - 65 GB (Level 6 Downloader/ Average Downloader)

  7. 65 GB - 100 GB (Level 7 Downloader/ Download Junkie)

  8. 100 GB - 150 GB (Level 8 Downloader/ Heavy Downloader)

  9. 150 GB - 225 GB (Level 9 Downloader/ Heaviest Downloader)

  10. 225 GB + + (Level 10 Downloader, Internet is my Harddisk)

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  1. infoinn

    infoinn New Member

    Just curious to know that how efficiently we utilise our internet connection.

    Last month i was i afraid of billing problem so i don't download much. This month my DL+UL have crossed 60 GB data. Therefore i lie in level 6 downloader, but hope to reach in level 7 downloder at the end of month.
    What about You????:)

    TANMAY New Member

    i have crossed 125 GB this month upto today.... hope to cross 140 GB till this month end.
  3. whitestar_999

    whitestar_999 Platinum Member

    on a 2mbps connection 225GB is impossible to achieve.however when i was completing my degree i had access to 35mbps institute line & i downloaded around 600GB in a month.:D

    for now since i have a power cut of 3 hours during happy time(2-8AM) i can only manage to download 40-50GB in a month.still no problem as frankly speaking i have downloaded almost everything i wanted in that 600GB & 200GB more in the previous month.:)
  4. infoinn

    infoinn New Member

    Wow! i think then you must have 1 Terabyte harddisk to handle such a huge data.:)

    Edit: Not impossible, If a person don't care about his bills then surely he will reach to that mark of 225 GB.
  5. gardencityboy

    gardencityboy New Member

    Guys when you guys are downloading so much stuff
    what about the electric bills?
    I guess to download GBs and Gbs of data you guys will keep you system on 24/7/365
    I guess that a normal desktop would consume around 300 Watt of power only the CPU not the monitor.

    What is the electric bill you guys get?

    TANMAY New Member

    my electric bill is coming about 9oo rs...... i don't hv to keep my computer on 24*7,i keep my system on only during free hours(2-8) and i am able to download about 5.7 GB (dl+ul).....:)

    But i hv only 40GB hard disk on my system so hv to write 3 dvd-r every 2nd day... currently i hv downloaded about 700 GB of data from dataone.
  7. webnavigator

    webnavigator New Member

    But what you guyz download???
  8. infoinn

    infoinn New Member

    Ummmm Ahhhhhhhhh.........
    Good Question.
    Forum Mein login aur logout kartey hai sirf.(Joking)
  9. xwhyz

    xwhyz New Member

    I am not a heavy downloader but a decent. i usually download around 40 gb to 60 gb per month as that too due to torrents. This is also due to the fact that i can download only during 2 am to 9 am at nights and most of the nights i forget to download anything too!! :D
  10. piratemaster

    piratemaster New Member


    I've taken night unlimited plan (500c) this month only. I was so crazy in the first few weeks, i usually wake up before 2 am and started my downloads. But it affected my sleep so im lazy these days. Some days i dint downloaded anything.

    How do u guys keep up. How do u download in the early morning. Do everyone wake up @2 am.

    Another problem is that my whole internet connection stops after an hour of downloading. After that to Restart my Modem to continue.

    So these are the main problems.


    Hey man what stuff are u downloading...
  11. whitestar_999

    whitestar_999 Platinum Member

    i downloaded around 800GB ANIME using my institute's 34mbps connection about a year on bsnl i am mainly downloading TV series for now.
  12. TrinadhM

    TrinadhM New Member

    i Downloaded about 67 gb last month. ,mostly torrents movies,os,softwares,
    i got my pc recently so i had many possibilities now once i have downloaded them thinking what next. I wake up usually around 4:30.
  13. infoinn

    infoinn New Member

    Member " bandhusharma13 "
    You have voted that you downloaded above 225 GB of data. Can you show some screen shot of that from you usage detail portal. As we all are eager to now about that. Thanks.:)
  14. hoho

    hoho New Member

    This is my first post.i am happy to be part of this community.u guys help each other a lot.
    Ok i just got myself ul900 using it for a month now downloaded around 42GB.TODAY APPLIED FOR 500C+ LET me see how it goes this month...:D
  15. puchu

    puchu Member

    100Gs are common for me,I want the whole internet on my hard drive(joking),lately I have downloaded 33Gs of only a software called NASA worldwind(cache packs) around 46 files,I am short of a few now,I am posting the file names ,anybody have them ?Please tell me.


    I don't have these following files;
  16. sen2020

    sen2020 New Member

    hey guys how do u able to download this much.........i can able to download only 10 GB.......i too have torrents.......but its downloading at the rate of 30kb/s........can anyone help me which software is good for torrent download and how to increase its speed........i checked that seeding is good but also i am getting only 30kb/s sometimes it goes 10kb/s:confused:
  17. whitestar_999

    whitestar_999 Platinum Member

    which plan are you using?in home 900/750 unlimited you will get around 30KBps only.only in limited home plans like home 500 you will get speeds around 200-220KBps.
  18. Nagan

    Nagan New Member

    Most pertinent questions:
    1.If you download above say 4 to 5 Gb where do you folks store them as most HDs range from 40 to 160 GB. Do you DVD them ,if so how many GB can u write?

    2.Which institute offers 35mbps WOW!??
  19. puchu

    puchu Member

    1.Well I have
    80GB + 260GB SATA

    2.Burn it to single layer DVD(4.3GB) or dual layer(8.7GB) one,both are available in market now.

    3.100 pack DVD(good one)(HP) costs starting from 1200/- to 1500/- depending upon the dealer.I got 1250/100=Rs.12.50/DVD, hmm pretty cheap isn't

    Last month I downloaded around 140GB ,out of which 50 GB movies,30-50GB games,10GB softwares,10-20 GB of spare stuff like themes,wallpapers,small tools,clips(from youtube,metacafe etc),deleted some movies videos,say 20 GB,burnt 30 GB,this is an approx. calculation,so around 10 DVDs roughly in a month.
  20. verma

    verma New Member

    what a stupid question.. I dont think forum is meant to teach elementary maths.. lets stick to the excellent topic of this forum
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