How do I connect my wifi laptop to a bridged BSNL connection ?

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by karthik316_1999, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. karthik316_1999

    karthik316_1999 New Member

    Just a quick clarification.
    I use the ITI DNA A211 I BSNL router with wifi facility.
    My PC is connected to it in bridged mode. (through ethernet cable)
    Now, I would like to connect my laptop. Once wifi is put on, the network is being detected and a secure connection is made without any problem. However, browsing on the laptop is not being possible.
    I suspect that it is because I have a bridged connection and not a PPPoe.
    The wifi on laptop works fine when in PPPoe mode.

    Question is how do I get my wifi laptop connected to the router when my PC is still connected to the router in bridge mode ?

    Thanks !
  2. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    If not in PPPoE, you need to set one system as server and other as client and use " internet connection sharing ". ie, your desktop need to be always ON to get internet on your laptop.
  3. karthik316_1999

    karthik316_1999 New Member

    Hi Dilip, thanks for responding.

    Yes, Im fine with such a setup. Would you pls guide me with the steps for the same?
    And is it that, the speed of the connection will be decreased due to the connection sharing ?
  4. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    You need to get a USB dongle or wifi card for your PC. Configure your desktop in Bridge mode, install connectify (needs Windows 7 Home or higher). This will make your desktop into a wifi hotspot. Now you can use your laptop to access this hotspot.
  5. karthik316_1999

    karthik316_1999 New Member

    Some additional info:

    I have openDNS servers configured under TCP/IP properties of both the LAN and the dial-up connection in my PC. (for the bridge mode)
    Also, under TCP/IP properties of the LAN, I use the ip address with the as the default gateway.

    This seems to be a simple and easier way for connection sharing!
    Unfortunately, I'm using windows xp. How do I go about it then ? Guess there is a more procedural way where-in u enable connection sharing and all that.. right ?
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  6. essbebe

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    ITI DNA A211 I BSNL router
    Question is how do I get my wifi laptop connected to the router when my PC is still connected to the router in bridge mode ?

    Try this . Select "MER"instead of "bridged"
    Suggested for Reliance BB , where you have to use "dialer" Mode "only. ( @glass),
    Also for Wimax.
  7. karthik316_1999

    karthik316_1999 New Member

    Never used this setting before.. so can u guide me with the values that I need to enter in the router page?
    For eg, Im being shown the below attached screen to begin with..

    Also, isn't there a way I can share the connection using windows internet connection sharing wizard ?

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  8. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Delete the screenshot . Blank page.
    I had changed to "MER"
    In PPP/PPPoE Earlier
    seems to work. Did not switch off sytem. No dialer installed.
    y laptop in WIFI mode .
    Para two:

    In WAN page Select
    EDIT for link 0_35
    Uncheck "bridged" select "MER"
    Obtain IP address automatically
    SAVE Reboot.

  9. karthik316_1999

    karthik316_1999 New Member

    I have a question before I proceed.
    Is MER similar to PPPoe?
    Meaning.. I "do not" want my PC to be always connected to internet. I want the PC to use the internet only after "I dial a connection manually"

    With such a setting, is it possible to connect my laptop using wifi ?
  10. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Try what is suggested and get practical feedback.
    Worst case scenerio, you will lose internet connection
    Reset the modem and restore "bridged"

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