How can I test hardware failures in my computer?

Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by James Winson, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. James Winson

    James Winson New Member

    Hello Friends,
    Actually, I want to know how can I test hardware failures in my computer. If any body has knowledge about it please give your opinion.

  2. gromhellscream

    gromhellscream New Member

    Be more specific when you ask a question!

    Hardware can refer to anything from SMPS to RAM to Optical Drive?

    RAM issues can be detected using a RAM Tester software which actually writes a pattern to a series of location and tries to read it back.

    Hard Disk failures are a bit hard to detect as most of the cases , as a result of HD failure the OS wouldn't boot, In those cases try using the HD in slave mode, if still inaccessible the you have a failure.

    SMPS failures would be instantly detected as most of the cases the Computer wouldn't boot up but a faulty SMPS can severely damage your system.

    motherboard failures are numerous and can never be generalized,

    and if your question was something else then elaborate!!
  3. bonda

    bonda New Member

    Tech use have a Problem Debug card, which will find out what prob does the motherboard is having...
    Its a Pci slot card and has 2digit or 4digit Seven Segment display which will give a code when the PC is turned on and every code is meant a Problem as it shows..
    Meaning of the code will be written in the manual or you have to google it.. Dono for sure..
    But all service engineers use this card for finding out the exact problem..

  4. James Winson

    James Winson New Member

    Hi Friends,
    First of all I would like to thanks you all for giving me your valuable views regarding the matter.


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