How can i record programmes from Set Top Box?

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  1. jaijatayu

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    You seem to know a lot about DTH so i wondered if might provide the answer to my question.:confused:

    Airtel DTH comes on Video Channel, the channel on which we play DVD Player. I have SHARP V.C.R. and it has an internal tuner which tunes the channel.

    Are there any attachments that can be applied or what instrument can be used. The wire from the Dish to STB cannot be connected to the V.C.R. because it is not shaped like that. The V.C.R. does not have the Red Lead it has 2 others - Yellow and White.

    I tried to connect a single Antenne wire (which connects the T.V. with V.C.R.) to the STB. I was able to tune the T.V. with the STB apart from the 3 wires which are now being used to connect T.V. with STB.
    But i couldn't record anything.

    What am i missing ?
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    (This was moved from another thread to create a new thread as it merited a better answer).

    Your Airtel STB will have composite out - RCA leads coloured Yellow (Video) and White (Left Audio) and Red (Right Audio).

    Your Sharp VCR has Yellow and White inputs (meaning it is mono VCR).

    Using a composite cable (available in any electric shop), connect the Yellow of STB to Yellow (Line-in) of VCR, and white to white (Line-in) . Ignore the red.

    On the STB, select the channel you wish to record. On the VCR select the Line-in channel. Start recording.
  3. jaijatayu

    jaijatayu New Member

    Thanks for a Very Prompt Reply. I'll try tomorrow and see if it works.
    Thanks again!
  4. jaijatayu

    jaijatayu New Member

    Airtel STB and VCR

    It didn't work out, there was blue screen which indicates that VCR is On. But the image was not stable and it kept moving from left to right.

    I have attached 3 Pics with this Post - Set Top Box, V.C.R. (Back) and Front view.

    I also read the manual and it described that if there is disturbance in the picture quality then it means that STB is connected with VCR or DVD player.

    Maybe you can figure out a way ?

    SET Top Box.jpg


  5. just4kix

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    Try connecting TV out of STB to Antenna In of VCR. RF-out of VCR to TV. Now tune the VCR to the RF channel matching the STB. Ensure that picture is displayed on TV.

    To record:
    1. Set the VCR on and to the channel where tuned
    2. Turn the TV on
    3. Insert cassette in VCR and start recording

    I have used both methods in the past. I have had no problems. I can't see why you are facing the issue. But it has been quite a while since I recorded anything.
  6. jaijatayu

    jaijatayu New Member

    Which DVD recorder will enable recording from Airtel DTH ?

    I have not tried the method you told but i will. But in case even that does not work - Can you suggest me some DVD Recorders ?
    I have few relatives in U.K. and they can get me one - provided i have the appropriate info on Compatible Model.

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