Help with BSNL #G and iBall Data Card (Dongle)

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by suhasg, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. suhasg

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    I have a BSNL 3G USIM (Rs 59) and got it loaded for Rs 42 basic Voice plan.

    Actually I wanted this to be used for Internet , using iBall USB Data Card(Dongle), so I checked with BSNL Nashik (Maharashtra), they advised me to Recharge for Rs 101, which I did but though I can make a voice call using this SIM, when trying to use with my USB Data Card , the connection gets refused by the Server , I also got a SMS saying that your main account balance is NIL! In fact I have RS 42 + Rs 101 on it.

    I checked at BSNL Site and it says RS 51 recharge is also required if one wants to use a data card other than BSNL supplied. I tried at BSNL Service Center for RS 51 recharge but that recharge failed (at least that is what the BSNL person told me!)

    MY iball Data card in unlocked and at present I am using it with Idea and TATA DOCOMO SIMs without any problem.
    In fact when BSNL 3G USIM is inserted in this dongle it detects , initializes and shows BSNL 3G network with excellent range , but when tried to connect it fails with the error message mentioned above.

    Can anybody help me out in this scenario?

    Has anybody tried BSNL 3G SIM with any third party Dongle? What is the procedure ? What Recharge is required for activation and further data traffic use.


  2. sunny_dole

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    Hi Suhasg'
    I am from Pune. I am using BSNL 3G SIM in my Huawei datacard ( Officially unlocked). I can't say about voice call but there is no need for additional recharge of Rs 51 for using SIM in datacard. Don't do any recharge.

    Does your modem supports USSD, it must as it has voice call function. Just send USSD *112# and you will see options reply with 2 ( GPRS DAY) and see your balace if its null then you don't have any data on your card (this apply for both 2G and 3G). Hope this helps.
  3. sadhu_s60

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    theres no voice/data/device restriction in bsnl.... yr weird recharges just messed things up
  4. suhasg

    suhasg New Member

    Thanks for the replies, I am still not getting connected, visiting BSNL Nashik to meet their Sr Telecom Officer who offered some help in this regards.

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