Help setting up bsnl wimax with my belkin modem router

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by neerajkumar, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. neerajkumar

    neerajkumar New Member

    hello, I recently switched to bsnl wimax and I have been trying to configure it with my wireless router.
    I have a belkin F5D7634 modem router. it only has a adsl input port and 4 ethernet ports. the wimax has a poe ethernet port and a data port. I have never used a wimax before and I don't know how it works.. how am i supposed to connect the router with the wimax? I am new here and did do a search about the set up for a bsnl wimax but couldn't find one. can someone help me out?
  2. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Who recommended this particular Belkin model ? Are you sure it will work with Wimax ?

    Post the snap shots of ports of both Wimax unit and Belkin router (label the port name).

    Belkin F5D7634 may need an ADSL input (if you are sure that you have the right router) which you should get from the Wimax CPE. And then use Belkin router's ethernet port or WiFi to connect to your PC.

    PS: I do not use Wimax, but recently saw a similar set up my friend's.
  3. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Connect the Rj45 cable from Wimax ( data cable ) to
    LAN1 of Belkins router. Another rj45 to computer.
    If OK
    Test wireless without cable.
    Online run this for checking what the led's indicate .
    Belkin : Support : F5D7634-4A - Interactive Knowing your router guide

    Preferred a stand alone wifi router.

  4. neerajkumar

    neerajkumar New Member

    Thank you both :)
    i got it resolved. I connected the wimax ethernet (poe slot) to the ethernet on my router.
    Then i configured my router ip to aand the dhcp range to

    This did the job of linking the router and the wimax.
    I configured the internet setting to use the dhcp ip( and default gateway to one as that of the wimax).

    This did the job !! :)

  5. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    poe slot
    This carries power DC Voltage from a Power adapter supplied ???

    Change to DATA slot the RJ45 going to Belkin wifi router.
    Original setup only Data RJ45 goes to computer lan port.

    Give model number of WImax unit . Innomedia ??

  6. mohamed_kv

    mohamed_kv New Member

    BSNL Wimax configration for Dyanmic IP settings for DVR

    Please try get me details how to configure BSNL Wimax for Dynamic IP settings for Remote Viewing of DVR
  7. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Give the correct details of the WIMAX unit supplied to you .
    Can you access the menu pages to make any changes ?
    Do you see any NAT menu with sub menus? Virtual server/Port triggering etc.
    Do you have to LOG IN every time to when you switch on the unit to connect to Internet ?
  8. Sarabjeet Singh

    Sarabjeet Singh New Member

    Bro....Buy Router....not Modem....Modem is not Support on Wimax CPE.......Am using Belkin F7D1301....its wrk Fine....Belkin : F5D7634-4A Its Modem Router,,,,nt Router...
  9. Sudheesh Vm

    Sudheesh Vm New Member

    hey neeraj. i see that you've fixed the issue. but i have the exact same problem. i have a belkin modem router and a bsnl wimax connection. belkin model: F7D1401 v1.. please do tell me how to set up this modem router with bsnl wimax. Neeraj said something about changing the IP address to or sumthin. I dint understand properly. Please help guys.
  10. sibi104

    sibi104 New Member

    Netgear dg834g

    Can you please help me for model of netgear dg834g. Bsnl wimax connect
  11. vrkrkv

    vrkrkv New Member

    General wireless router setup

    Once you setup BSNL Wimax test the following.
    1) If the internet is working when you directly connect the ethernet cable to your computer then your wimax connection is good.

    2) Now connect the cable to the internet port of the wireless router and another ethernet cable from wireless router to computer. This should automatically work.

    3) If step 2 is not working then it means that both wimax modem and your router are having the conflicting ip address
    you should change the ip address of your router to something other than for example you can change it to

    4) If step 2 or step 3 is working then you can set up your wireless network.
  12. mashac

    mashac New Member

    neeraj kumar will you please explain step by step of this process. I did everything you said but it's still not working....... I didn't completely understood that step.... my modem is ASUS DSL N10E.
  13. kailas6

    kailas6 New Member

    Please help me bro how did u do it. Give me step by step details sir..

    Please help me bro how did u do it. Give me step by step details sir..

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