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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by rencon0, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. rencon0

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    i have got a nokia siemens sl2_141 modem. I have portforwarded it(port 6880-6882) and still in bitcomet it shows port not configured.

    listen port of TCP: blocked in firewall/router
    listen port of UDP: blocked in firewall/router
    windows firewall : added(TCP opened, UDP opened)
    UPnP NAT port mapping: Failed(UPNP device not found)

    in both firewall and router i have opened port 6880-6882.

    I have a 500c(2mbps limited) plan. I have seen a max speed of 70kBps in rapid-share and a max of 60kBps in Bit-comet(any torrent downloading client)

    port-forwarding from router.


    Bit comet statistics.


    can anyone one help me out..
  2. essbebe

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  3. hitler517

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    Try some other ports....... like in the range 50000-50010.........
    Change it in bitcomet also.....
    Also do TCP half open limit fix if you haven't........
    Refer the tutorial in my signature..........
  4. Sumit020

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    Your firewall is blocking that particular ports, open it or use different firewall, I personally use comodo!
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  5. kuruvigi

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    Click on < DMZ Host > and enter
    Click Apply

    Reboot Modem

    All ports should be now forwarded

    eNjoy. . .
  6. mpmdavid

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    download a simple utility called simple portforwarding from softpedia, u can use it to fprward your ports, and to enable a static ip , then u must configure ur firewall to add exception for the ports that u have forwarded ... u must be good to go then ...

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