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  1. navneethere08

    navneethere08 New Member

    Scenario : Need to access DVR from remote location via internet...

    Network Configuration : I had applied for Static Ip in BSNL office ... Got it 59.90.***.**
    DSL---> ADSL Modem Router (4 LAN PORT) ====> PC and DVR

    Modem Ip :
    PC IP : (Assigned by DHCP)
    DVR IP : (Done Manually)

    Initially i had put DVR in DMZ buy putting DVR's IP in modem config page of DMZ..

    Didnt worked (Opens Modem Router's Page)

    Again Forwarded PORTS (80 and 8080 as mentioned in DVR )

    Didnt worked (Opens Modem Router's Page)

    Is there anything i can do about it ??
    Should I change the Port of DVR in DVR settings ?

    Please help..
  2. nevinjohn

    nevinjohn Active Member

  3. navneethere08

    navneethere08 New Member

    Thanks for your reply ...

    I can access DVR from intranet ... on LAN
  4. navneethere08

    navneethere08 New Member

    i have forwarded ports ... still it is opening the modem config page ..

    should i change the dvr port to other port and again forward according to it ??

    Current port is 80 and 8080 ... Which other should i go for ?
  5. navneethere08

    navneethere08 New Member

    Problem Solved .. Used other port 53 for it ...

    Dont know why it wasnt working for port 80
  6. nevinjohn

    nevinjohn Active Member

    Well, some ISPs block port 80...

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