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Discussion in 'Hathway' started by aprilsagar, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. aprilsagar

    aprilsagar New Member

    I have at present on hathway after trying other ISP's. The rates i consider to be less than the other ISP's in market. Also this ISP is booming very much day by day.

    I had 256 KBPS connection
    Installation: No charge as mine is the prime location in the city
    PLAN: 256 kbps RS.561 and 1.5 GB per month usage.
    Also there is another new plan which i liked 512 kbps! RS.1650 and 4GB usage for 3 months validity. I liked this one.
    No modem installation at our locality nor to pay anything for modem or any router like that. Modem at thier place. Just only plain single wire to be plugged!!
    Just to pay for plan u choose and u are off within 5 days
    He told me withing 4-5 days and it was done.
    While other ISP like BSNL or iqara take a long time like anything. To me service was almost just a call away.:)
  2. parthbaxi1

    parthbaxi1 New Member

    Same Here

    Hathway in my locality is also well established-- i got a discount of rs. 200 for installation. I have 256 kbps , 3 GB for 6 months, for 2500/- . Any network problem is resolved within 6 hrs.

    Well rate wise, i think it is marginally overpriced, but worth it. :)
  3. vidhyav

    vidhyav New Member

    Please tell me more about this plan. Is night unlimited allowed in this plan :confused: [That is from 11pm to 9am].I visited their website but could not find any info about this one as they haven't even updated their site.
    If u know some more information about this particular plan please tell me.
  4. roadwarrior

    roadwarrior Guest

    I am a user of hathway residing in west Delhi.

    You won't believe that half of my monthly phone bill is attributed to Hathway customer care rather than to my girlfriend.:sad:
    Not a single day I am able to use the net facility without disturbances.

    The customer care only greets in english. If you later explain them your problem in English, they won't understand it.

    My connection is:
    Thruway Regular 64 Kbps 500 Unlimited 1
    as mentioned here:

    But they continue to charge me at 560/- per month.

    I really won't advice going for hathway if you live particularly in west or outer Delhi. I share a very very bad experience with them. Go for it if you don't have other option in your area.

    WARNING: Want to check your patience, subscribe to Hathway!
    Rohit Verma
    tech blogger
  5. iChaitanya

    iChaitanya New Member

    lol! :D

    Get Airtel or BSNL/MTNL. It's far better than Hathway.
  6. jeena

    jeena New Member

    ya hathway is best, one of my friend using he said that speed storage , everything is good it seems
  7. Synergy Tech

    Synergy Tech New Member

    hathway suxs man...........
  8. lerecca143

    lerecca143 Guest

    bad connection dont take
  9. pinak19

    pinak19 New Member

    totally Sucks

    :mad: hathway sucks !

    promise speed 64kb/s Getting 32kb/s To 41kb/s :mad: Don't Believe ?

    Test Result : speedtest.net/result/934860605.png

    plan : 512kbps :eek:

    Whats wrong then? Paid in advance they misuse the power :mad::mad::mad:
  10. shivanand_09

    shivanand_09 New Member


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