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Discussion in 'Airtel Mobile' started by Preeti_20, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    I have an Airtel prepaid connection and want GPRS on it, can someone tell me what all packages there are on it with costs and everything. And which one would you suggest is best value for money.
  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    In my honest and humble opinion, mobile GPRS is a big rip-off. They give pathetic speeds and charge very high. Go for it, if absolutely required.

    No idea for cost as it varies from circle to circle. Why don't you check from the website or customer care?
  3. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    High data carges is one reason why I have got Mtnl mobile connection :) Rs349 per month for unlimited data transfer although even that is pretty high by international standards taking into consideration the speed I get.
  4. oo7

    oo7 Member

    Airtel prepaid connection GPRS

    one day package is for 19Rs and simple to use

    you just write MO in Capital letters send it 52696 and after half-hour or hour later they send you settings you have to save them. you are ready to use.

    to Deactive write DMO in Capital letters send it to 52696.

    they have a one weak package it is 100+ rs and for one month the packes 375 Rs.
  5. oshhh

    oshhh Guest

    i use Aircel, they have a better package. Rs.14/- for three days and Rs.98/- for a month's unlimited usage. best among all service providers.
  6. mickey

    mickey New Member

    whats the current Airtel GPRS scheme (unlimited) in Delhi & UP west all together??
  7. mickey

    mickey New Member

    aircel's services are pathetic..
  8. oo7

    oo7 Member

    airtel also have a plan in Rs 35 per month.
    the plan name is NUP
  9. neer001

    neer001 New Member

    Is this plan for Unlimited data usage?
  10. ravisawalia

    ravisawalia New Member

    no unlimited plans on airtel in delhi
  11. chinuku

    chinuku New Member

    plans change from state to state. the current plans available in karnatka are for 89rs u get 90mb valid for a month.
    for daily unlimited plan 20rs /day.

    for just checking mails and least net user this is ok, but if u are a frequent gmaps user like me, and who does google talk using fring this is not enough.
  12. mobile

    mobile Guest

    Mobile phones

    There is no such offer avail of GPRS Rs19 /day..I asked to customer care of Airtel they are denying such offers and saying there is offer of Rs 24 per 200MB that shoud be use within 24 hours
  13. mickey

    mickey New Member

    i heard about a plan of Rs. 99/month 100mb day/2gb night pass thingy...

    but someone here told that download limit is 2mb...(
  14. mobile

    mobile Guest

    Do you know anything about New Sim card..arrived last week Called UNINOR..its avail in hyderabad, mumbai, and delhi

    IF yes please tell me

    are they providing any GPRS plans
  15. mickey

    mickey New Member

    Yes i have a Uninor sim of western up circle. But whenever i ask for settings its written application not available right now try again. But i think this company will throw everyone down in this gPRS net business cause its the only thing that sells today apart calling in VAS. More and more people are getting used to edge connectivity and i think uninor will take advantage of this new internet literacy.
  16. mobile

    mobile Guest

    i hope so...any way thanks be in touch you are one of the good replier
  17. mickey

    mickey New Member

    You are Welcome:)
  18. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Mention the city where 19Rs Airtel prepaid connection GPRS is available. I live in Hyderabad, so kindly let me know whether this offer is available in Hyderabad too
  19. mickey

    mickey New Member

    Take a look...
    GPRS on Daily Rental @ Rs.10 On Usage In GPRS @ Rs.10 customer will have to pay Rs 10 & can enjoy 3MB Free GPRS usage, post free usage they will be charged at 20p/50KB usage. Customers will have to dial *567# or *567*1# for activation.
    For deactivation customer will have to dial *567# or *567*2# Daily @ rs.10
    GPRS on Daily rental plan Rs.20 On Usage In GPRS @ Rs.20 customer will have to pay Rs 20 & can enjoy 8MB Free GPRS usage, post free usage they will be charged at 20p/50KB usage. Customers will have to dial *567# or *567*1# for activation
    For deactivation customer will have to dial *567# or *567*2# Daily Rs. 20
    GPRS on prepaid On Usage Now use GPRS on your prepaid mobile at just 30 paisa /50 KB. Default activation 30 paisa /50 KB

    Source: Airtel Prepaid Mobile Services in India
  20. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    You are talking about internet on mobile but he is talking about internet on PC.:p

    The offer is not available from last 3 months........:mad:

    In Punjab it is for Rs. 25/day.:mad:
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