Google to end support to IE6

Discussion in 'News discussions' started by zoooni, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. zoooni

    zoooni New Member

    Google will be ending support to IE 6 web browser starting from march 2010. google docs and google sites will not be available on IE6 from march 1 .
    IE6 users are advised to upgrade to IE7 or newer versions of other browsers like firefox 3.0 + , opera, google chrome or safari.

    About two weeks ago google’s gmail accounts were hacked by Chinese government through internet explorer 6. This is a blow to Microsoft . Internet explorer 6 is a very old browser (2001) and is prone to cyber attacks .

    If you are wondering who still uses internet explorer 6 then well check this according to statcounter internet explorer 6 has 18% market share among browsers !
    This was disclosed by rajan seth senior product manager of goole apps through his blog post !
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Now thats some good news for webmasters :) one less thing to worry about . Earlier any website had to be checked for compatibility with IE6 as well due to a large number of people still using that ancient browser despite its security loopholes.

    Life would be so much easier if everyone kept up with new technology :)
  3. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Germany has already warned its citizen of this threat. There was a massive hike in firefox download in Germany.
  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Browsers like Firefox and safari or even chrome should come preloaded with Microsoft's OS.

    The only reason IE is still being used is that its the only one available with the OS from Microsoft... If every one knoew there were better and more secure browsers I doubt if anyone would ever use IE again...

    By the way most government of India websites are only compatible with IE :( Indian govt websites suck big time looks like a 10 year old kid designs them all.
  5. talktoanil

    talktoanil New Member

    I think IE is now NOT built into OS. User have to download it from MS website. This holds true for Legal Copies of Windows 7.
    However Vendors can include IE or any other software in with PC's / laptop's which comes with OS Pre-Installed.
  6. Logik

    Logik New Member

    well problem is that most tradiotional service providers desgin there webs/apps keeping IE in mind.

    have seen BSNL online payment portal doesn't wok correctly with firefox. i even mailed them the bug, but futile.

    same thing with the most of the online browser based trading. brokers ask u from the first moment to use IE & nothing else to login & trade

    same sort of things were there with the internet banking initially.

    I think ppl gonna use what they gonna face.
  7. voilala

    voilala Guest

    Germany has already warned its citizen of this threat. There was a massive hike in firefox download in Germany.

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