Getting download of 60kb/s on 512 kb/s connection

Discussion in 'MTNL broadband' started by crazycool, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. crazycool

    crazycool New Member


    I have taken Unlimited 512kb/s plan from MTNL recently. But i am getting download speed of only 60kb/s on rapidshare and torrents.
    Can some one tell me if this is the maximum that i can get?

    Speed test results are more high 0.55 Mb/s : /result/852239701.png

    I stay in Thane. Please advice.

  2. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    64 KBps = 512 Kbps.

    The speed you are getting is normal.
  3. imrock

    imrock The Master

    you getting normal speeds:)


    The capital B defines Bytes and the small b defines bits.

    Know the difference here:[POST]264382[/POST]
  4. mihir94

    mihir94 New Member

    Yeah They are right
    60kB/s is better than average on broadband for a 512kb/s connection
  5. Kadamba

    Kadamba Guest

    The speed you are getting here is normal,
    60KBPS=480Kbps,which is very close to 64KBPS,if you really require more than this much,please upgrade your plan to DSL COMBO UL 999 and you will get 128KB/S,Double!
  6. mecyanide

    mecyanide New Member

    Why are you even using computers?
  7. grztr

    grztr New Member

    MTNL is really wierd sort of..

    Hey guys you wont believe this!! I got about 200kbps download speed for about 6 months on 512kbps triband plan and downloaded in GBs then!!:) But from last 2 days I'm getting only 70kbps:mad: with frequent disconnections Any suggestions guys??.

    BTW I know where the problem lies guys The telephone box on the poles or installed outside flats are all old with many loose connections. Once a guy from mtnl just came on net complain and replaced the wires and the connection worked fine for 6 months after that.. But now the problem of frequent disconnections has returned back since last week with downloadspeed dropping seriously from 230kbps to 70kbps
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  8. sudarshan747

    sudarshan747 New Member

    You was getting 200+kbps speed on 512 plan !!!!!!!! thats really awesome man, even I used to get around 120-140kbps for the same 512 plan and i was pretty much satisfied with it but from last 1 and half month I ma getting just around 40-50kbps, no need to tell that all my efforts to get solution to this speed problem and complaints to the great MTNL have gone in vain. Still any idea or way to get solution to my problem ???? its getting more and more worst for me.
  9. mihir94

    mihir94 New Member

    HEY ppl,
    64kBps is the maximum possible speed for a 512kbps connection
    Youll get 120-140 kbps only if you bribe MTNL guys :D :D :D :D :D
  10. GROG

    GROG New Member

    best help line numbers

    If your trying to use P2P files sharing. It could be your ISP MTNL or whatever is blocking your ports so you can't download at a decent speed.

    I think even random port selection will be worthless in this scenario as your ISP(Internet service provider) has either Blocked your port reduced your port bandwidth to allow for newer schemes. Or maybe a glitch in the local server??.

    PS : Remember 512Kbps / 8 = 64KBps (Watch the b=bits & B=Bytes)

    so if you were getting abt 200KBps sppeds you were lucky as your ISP has realised that they could now get away with wrongly promoting the product just by :eek: around with the "b".

    The best help line numbers to sort the problem is 26451100 / 26421100 / 26424040 / 26442661 & mihir94's post......

  11. razortooth

    razortooth New Member

    hehe everybody falls for this one! KBps and kbps trick used by operators. hehehe

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