Getting 3g speed on 2g plan!!!! 500kbps download speed..:D Very happy :D

Discussion in 'Airtel 3G' started by devlevis, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. devlevis

    devlevis Banned

    Hey frnds i m getting 3gspeed on 2g plan that is 98rps, 2 GB plan..
    I m getting speed of 4-5 mbps..When i checked in IDM, my download speed was more than 500kbps...:)
    ufffff..I m very happy...
    Is anyone out there who r getting 3g speed on 2g plan..
    If nyone wants help they can ask, so i can help u to get 3g speed..:D
  2. echo9

    echo9 New Member

    Are u serious? U will be my life saver.. i was just goin through posts of gettin a good data card as i am planning to buy a new 3g data card but will be using it with a 2g plan (somehow.. i have heard these rumors/true stories?) of gettin gud download speeds with IDM (on avg. atleast 50KBps/ )

    cool! Please help me bro...:D
  3. kharishvarma

    kharishvarma New Member

    @devlelvis it is happening here in bangalore also on many of my friends mobiles. but from experience from docomo i can guarantee you that is a short term bug and will be cleared by airtel pretty quick. 1 more chance is that it is done intentionally by airtel for various reasons. anyway be careful coz the usage might end up in charges in ur account.
    @echo9 Bro, it is bug and not an offer. It can come down to 2g speeds anytime.
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  4. pisces_m

    pisces_m New Member

    Not a new thing, In Delhi from last 3 months i have been getting 3G speeds in 2G plans like 98 recharge for 2GB. Its automatic nobody can do anything to get this speed.

    Just be on 2G plan, recharge with RC98 and select in Network options your network mode as Dual (GSM and UMTS/HSPA). And if the area is covered in 3G network you will start getting 3G speeds.

    Airtel is doing this intentionally so we all get used to 3G speeds are forced to opt for 3G plans after this boost ends. This topic is already being discussed in another post from many months now.
  5. devlevis

    devlevis Banned

    @echo Just u hve 2 follow simple method to get 3g speed.But it may r may not be work..I told dis 2 my 5 frnds,out of which for 4 of them it worked..:)
    And it works nly on prepaid..
    First recharge for 98rps gprs plan and after that activate 3g by sending sms 3g to 121..
    Here u hve to activate 3g after recharging 98 rps plan...
    Nw check dat whether u r getting 3g speed..But i think after activating 3g,suddenly u wont get 3g speed..First u hve 2 use 2g speed gprs plan for sometime,for atleast 30 to 50 mb..After nly u will get 3g speed..

    If this method dint worked for u den first activate 3g nd go for 9rps plan where u will get 10mb for 1day..But dnt use full 10mb..after activating 9rps plan,u activate gprs plan on that day itself nd check whether u will get 3g speed r not..
    Enjoy ...:-D

    @Kharishvarma Bro i accept that Airtel is intentionally giving 3g speed on 2g plan..
    And one more thing,i called airtel cc to ask whether i will get 3g speed on 2g plan..For that they told dat i shld use more than 50mb on 2gplan after that nly if my area is under 3g network then i will going 2 get 3g speed..
    But dnt knw it correct r not..But for me same happened..
    First after activating 3g,i used to get 2g speed nly that is 0.3 r 0.4 kbps..So i connect to my pc nd started to use more, so after crossing some usage i got 3g speed..
    I think it may help others...:)
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  6. echo9

    echo9 New Member

    Thanx Bro :)

    I'll try this asap n wil let u guys knw abt my this :D
    btw could anyone also suggest me a good 3g data card also?
    i found huawei UMG1831 to be the best as it is 21mbps downlink capable BuT it is very expensive!? (for 3K ? in haryana/NCR ? :( )

    plz suggest any other gud 3g data cards from huawei/micromax/lava (newly launched data card model is lava?) (anyones from the 7.2 mbps downlink n 5.xx mbps uplink range)

    Thanx guys.. :cool:
  7. dude, airtel deactivates 2G plans when activating 3G. so how come you are saying that its working...??? :confused:

    secondly, i am in rajasthan, and here airtel is not allowing access to its 2G users unless they activate 3G by sending sms to 121 (tried in alwar, jaipur and ajmer as well :confused:)
  8. pisces_m

    pisces_m New Member

    I am in Delhi on Airtel Prepaid 2G plan and never activated 3G from its start, then also I am getting 3G speeds and and my handset selects 3G network as I had selected Dual Mode in my HTC Wildfire. So i think no need to activate even 3G plan for this trick. This is just temporary gimmick. This is not just on my number i have other Airtel Prepaid with my mother same thing on her number also.

    Getting 3G in 2G rates
  9. lucky you.
    but i dont understand why in rajasthan they aint giving 2G users to access 3g network. i have heard that vodafone does so.... but never heard about airtel.
  10. adii

    adii New Member

    I m also using Rs98..yesterday I reached to 797 KBps ...awesome speed

  11. mohan

    mohan New Member

    downloading speed

    please tell me

    how to downloding speed 2g plan in 3g speed

    please tell me
    how to get downloading speed
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  12. pisces_m

    pisces_m New Member

    This is my result by connecting mobile to my laptop and using Airtel 3G network on Rs.98 2G plan.

  13. Damonsalvatore

    Damonsalvatore New Member

    Hi, i too tried to get 3g speed by switching over to dual mode and at 10 pm to 2 am in the night the speed is fast, to view the videos but after 2 it slows down and does not speed up and today morning too i tried but it didnt work. How can i get the fast speed at all times ? For two days now it becomes fast only at 10 ??
  14. is 98 RC still giving 3G speed on 2G prepaid cards...???

    i heard that airtel is also making compulsory to activate 3G zero rental plan to get access and use 3G services...

    (me not getting access to 3G netwirk unless i activate it) :(

    so wondering if any1 still enjoying 3G in 2G pricing...???
  15. pisces_m

    pisces_m New Member

    In Delhi Still getting 3G on 2G. Today I was getting over 2mbps. So i think Airtel is still giving out 3G here in Delhi
  16. Damonsalvatore

    Damonsalvatore New Member

    Past one month no 3g speeds its very slow only using 2g now 3g doesnt work :(
  17. Paras

    Paras New Member

    Forced back to 2g

    I have been using that gifted 3g speed from a week in gujarat circle...but now I m facing a prob dat d old speed has cum back nd 3g is gone.....i was using d plan of 5rs for 50 mb..for 4 or 5 days...but once I used 7rs pln for 100 mb....after activatng 7 rs scheme I lost dat 3g I m not able to use even 5rs plan in 3g speed....guys plz help....asap...
  18. mohitshukla

    mohitshukla New Member

    Same problem I get ...

    Using 3G network even I didn't get 3G speed .... may b they have reduced the speed ....

    M in UP East circle...
  19. Damonsalvatore

    Damonsalvatore New Member

    Anyone from chennai here ? Till august used to get 3g in 2 g but past two months even in dual mode its only 2g for airtel
  20. james bond

    james bond New Member

    3g @ 2g

    Hi, r u still getting 3g speed on 2g plan of Vodafone, i was getting the same until 2nd December I am from hyd, let me know if you have done any network setting to get the 3g speeds.

    Hi, r u still getting 3g speed on 2g plan of Vodafone, i was getting the same until 2nd December I am from hyd, let me know if you have done any network setting to get the 3g speeds.
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