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Discussion in 'Tikona WiBro' started by vinz89, May 2, 2010.

  1. vinz89

    vinz89 New Member

    Sorry all folks for being so late. actually i forgot after i come from abroad and just saw a reply today which reminded me of here.

    Now this may be considered as illegal to some point,bu what i am telling you is strictly for educational purpose.

    step1: First try to be in a area out of reach of tikona range. so that router cannot bind to tikona backbone.

    Step 2: Since in bridge mode, you will not get any ip. At thit time put in the following details
    Submet Mask:

    leave others blank.

    Step 3: Get any IP or LAN Scanner. there are a lot available free on internet. Install and scan the IP range -

    Step4: You will get all the Active IPs, As i already said, there are only 3 ports open. that can be accesses.

    Step 5: Enter the Address in your browser and WALAH... The magic. Tikona Login Page opens.

    now its upto you to try and break the login page. as i had seen, we the mechanism login mechanism different and session details are stored in the device ram. so from browser end point we cannot do anything..

    However, i will be trying to build a injector bruteforcer to break... but it will take time since i am buzy on a project thistime.

    Meanwhile if you get details, just post here for social welfare..


    :D:DWaiting for your thanks..;);)
  2. coolhunk

    coolhunk New Member

    Have u been successful in breaking the password?

    Have u been successful in breaking the password? if yes pls post the password here.
  3. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Why you want to access the Modem settings ?
    Tikona seems to have stopped access to the modem settings, and can control the settings remotely.
    Any assistance better call Tikona CC.
    Confirm what kind of Unit you have been supplied?
    A nano station set up or a Ruckus MM 2211 modem ?
    can you surf in WIFI mode without any modem/router or connection to laptop ?
  4. coolhunk

    coolhunk New Member

    I was able to access the modem settings page.The username : admin password:password combination works.but there are very limited options.

    I have shifted to a smaller town where there is no tikona. My company provides me with high speed broadband for free using ADSL modem(without wifi). I am left with this modem and i was exploring that can i use this MM2211 for enabling wifi in my home instead of going for a new wifi modem. Any help ?
  5. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

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  6. coolhunk

    coolhunk New Member

    Should i connect the ADSL modem( i will check the make) with this using the ethernet cable to use MM2211 as wifi router. what changes should i make in the settings as the help at google( the link u provided) has diffrent options than i have at modem settings page. I will post the screenshots of my pages soon.
  7. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Confirm your ISP and adsl modem supplied.
  8. coolhunk

    coolhunk New Member

    isp is railtel . modem zyxel prestige 600 series(P-660R-T1)
  9. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

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  10. coolhunk

    coolhunk New Member

    I think i have not made my requirements clearly.

    Let me start afresh.

    I have zyxel P-660R-T1 ADSL Modem supplied by my organisation where i get high speed unlimited internet access. I have no problem with this modem in accessing internet.

    I also have Ruckus MM2211 which i got from tikona. I have moved to a smaller town where there is no tikona.

    I want to use MM2211 to recieve internet access from zyxel modem and output the internet access through its wifi signal. Is this possible?
  11. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Please appreciate, that all of us do not have the same modems routers etc, and can give only general guidance
    change the Rj11 to Mm2211 ( if a port is available) and duplicate the entries as seen in
    If railwire connection is RJ45, try MM2211 INPUT Port.
    2. In ZYXCEL open the menu.
    Look out for management/maintenance
    menu item.
    Select BACKUP present settings to say
    C:/My Documents/ Railwire working.
    IT may be possible to use Mm2211 direct with railwire.
    Reluctance to give Info asked for, shows lack of faith and trust , and member need not explain
    WHY he needs certain information.
    please await input from other members.
  12. coolhunk

    coolhunk New Member

    I am not reluctant to give info. I am currently in my office and i get net access from lan. The said modems are for my home setup and to top it up my ethernet card port of my motherboard is dead. Luckily it is covered under warranty and i ve sent it for repairs. I was testing MM2211 from my office. But ADSL connection is not in my office so i was not able to give the required info.
  13. vinz89

    vinz89 New Member

    m2211 has two types of user accounts.
    Root (super administrator)
    and Normal User.

    Think itof like A guest account and an Administrator Account on windows Xp..

    there is no sort of getting to Root account as of now..
    however even i had tried my hands accessed the user page... (Check my older posts)

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