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Discussion in 'Dish tv' started by redeye69, Sep 18, 2008.

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    Hello All

    My free to air channels are not coming as i have subricibeed for 300 quaterly for three months including free air channels ...... my signal strength is good 51 % and 61 % but channels are not cooming i am getting 303 error signal not found but my another channels are working like smile, zee news, aaj tak, ndtv india, smaye, india news , trendz , fashion tv, zee music ..... but etc, b4u music, 9xm, music india, dd national , dd india dd sports , free to air channels are not comming plz tell me the solution. and also audio channels ..... Plz tell me the right frequency and direction also is it 12688 or 12594 horizontal or vertical.
  2. just4kix

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    I think that your dish may not be aligned properly. I usually get signal strength as 75~81%.

    You should call DishTV Customer Care and also the person/agency who installed your dish.
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    I think it is prevalent

    I am also facing the same problem. A very poor technician took 3 attempts and 3 days to install. what a pity. The site is very clear no obstruction by building or trees. even less chances of EMI. still the signal quality is very poor it is 50%. even after 6 months this is the case. They say that is the maximum quality people will get it. I am getting the broken CD picture effect for all (Free To Air) FTA channels.
    I think it is a problem with transmission quality itself. Since they are not going to benefit any way by the FTA but for regulation. I suspect the symbol rate ( important fact for the quality) is many time lower than the free channel (may be some technical don't bother). I think Dish TV is also clever cheater. I never got clear picture on DD loksaba channel but I tried on the trust vote eve. I got very clear picture. After the the trust vote again same problem. I am planning to record all the channels symbol rate with my specially designed hardware and data question technique, it is not a big deal. I will put the information in the form of video in youtube. then the culprit will be identified. By that time, however, we have to assume and blame.
    in my opinion about their service is junk website for online service and call center. tolerate or migrate. Let us fight for interoperability of service.

    thanks for reading

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