Free Mobile Backup service for one year !!

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  1. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    Backup your mobile phone to a secured account

    Synchronize and manage your phone contacts and calender with MS Outlook and Google

    Upload your mobile pictures, videos and create online albums

    All these available for free for a period of one year starting from Feb 1

    Checkout :
  2. saurav_k

    saurav_k Guest

    good site ... but tell me one thing ... except for being online, how is it different from bundled softwares provided with mobile phones like pc suite. all these purposes and services and more than these are there in those softwares?
  3. amitkool21

    amitkool21 New Member

    thanks cool_techie for the info but i think we can do all this by ourself also....i mean by our bundeled softwares like making backup of contacts and msgs.....and uploading our phone pics to net on a whats the great feature of that present it was free but when after 1 year we need to subscribe for it than i think no one will use it........
  4. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    I simply follow this method,
    1> back-up my mobile to my PC using the PC suite
    2> Upload the backed up files to my GMail using the GSpace Add-on of Firefox.

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