Free calling pc to mobile any very in the world

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by kumar, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. kumar

    kumar New Member

    Hi this free calling free pc to mobile just u register and call to any where in the world. How to free call pc to mobile any where in the world?
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  2. rajakrsnan

    rajakrsnan New Member


    i just want to know if it is really free and does not get charged to my mobile or phone number which i hav to enter while registering.

    the website does not say anything about "Free Calls" as you put up in the posting here. that has created doubt in me.

    would you be kind enough to clarify this part.
  3. Mr.Tooth Fairy

    Mr.Tooth Fairy New Member

    @KUMAR.. i dont thik its free.. its like they ask for credit crd numbers and all.. any1 know skype??????/ is it free for calls or have to pay>>>> any other app which i can call free to abroad???? via internet??
  4. shravankoganti

    shravankoganti New Member

    hey dude...

    for calling from computer to computer .. skype is the best..
    i mean, there are some other applications also like net2phone or Globe7 ..

    but,, for calling from computer to computer skype is the best.. u can have conferences and all..

    u can also call to any phone in world, but u got to first recharge with a min of $10 in skype..
    and for globe7 .. its min $5

    and more over.. the calling rates are less in GLobe7 ...
    and believe me, its even lesser in Net2Phone...
    its some where around 40 paise to US phones.

    Globe7 is around 45Paise for US..
    and skype is around 95 paise for US..

    i am personally using skype for calling my friends in US..
    but, once i came across this globe7 and net2phone,
    next time, i will not recharge for skype and i will go for net2phone..

    but, out of my experience... for calling from computer to computer,... Skype is the best option..
  5. SmoothVibes

    SmoothVibes Super Moderator Staff Member

    i don't think its free coz first thing it is not written anywhere that its free to use..
    and second thing in FAQ's its talking about Credit card Payments..
    and if you check the url of this then there is a ref feral code for the same..
    It is really not advised to sign up for this or to provide any confidential details.. it may create unwanted problems..

    if you want to sign up or want to use this it would be totally on your own decision and responsibility
  6. Archer

    Archer New Member

    It's not free at all. On the left bottom side of the main website there is an option to check how much it will cost to call from one country to another(mobile and land line). And check this page. Don't trust any unpopular site that offers you anything for free. I am not talking about the previously mentioned site. They don't say 'free' anywhere in that site except '100 Free Credits' and 'Free Referal Credits'.
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  7. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    Its dodgy signing into things like this, you don't know where the catch may be. One of my friends tried something like and later had all her data copied from her comp, i dont know whether it was because of a certain program she used or because or a scam, but the data was taken a few days after!!!!!!!
  8. shravankoganti

    shravankoganti New Member

    this tokiva is charging more...
    GLOBE7 or Net2Phone gives calls to US and other countries for a very lower price than this ..
  9. sb21pro

    sb21pro Banned

    $ 0.15 for calls from India to India !
    You must be an idiot to sign up for this
  10. GadgetGuru

    GadgetGuru New Member

    Best is VOIP BUSTER or SKYPE>.

    I personally use it..
  11. Only PC to PC calls are free in VIOP services. But I rather use G-Talk for making PC to PC calls.

    plzzzzzzz help. free call internet to mobile ?


    i want to know that how we make free call in all over the world by internet???? in any mobile or land line???? is it possible???

    please answer me quickly...

    Skype doesn't let you make free calls to mobile phones. But there are many offers such as by 411 that lets you make free calls. Read: http:/ for more offers.

    free calling on mobile

    Yes mobiles are included too.
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  12. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    There is no such thing as free PC to landline/mobile calls because every opertaor charges call termination charges to the source party.

    Yahoo Talk is quite cheap whereas Skype gives better clarity (but just so).

    A note:
    When you are calling via YM or Skype while sitting in India to US or whereever, note that you are not calling from India. You are physically in India but you are calling from Luxembourg (in case of Skype) and USA (in case of YM). So a call on Skype to your US friend is a call that is between LUX and USA. If you use Skype to call a friend in India, you are making aN LUX to IN call and the call charges are $0.11c pm or so.

    In case of YM, the call rates are 1c/min (within USA), 2c/min (USA to EU) and 0.079c/min (USA to IN).
  13. time

    time New Member

    It's not free atall, i too searching for a long time but only jaxtr found throw that you can call to anyone mobile who have joined the jaxtr at his mobile, free of cost........

    hi if this can happen then it is great

    i m amit roy.want to call ..and comm to all by enet.

    this doesnt work
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  14. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    There is no scheme that allows free PC to mobile calls.
  15. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    If you open up an account with voipstunt and add the minimum amount to your account that is $10 then you get 180 days of free calls to North America which includes mobiles as well.
    You cannot call it free calls to mobiles but it doesnt cost as much as you would pay your own phone company would charge you.
  16. k2vyas

    k2vyas Guest

    hii how to calling mobile

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