Forgot User Name and Password for BSNL - Need Help

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by manmathan55, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. manmathan55

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    I lost my dataone username and password and not able to retreive it. BSNL is not helping out. Is there any way to retreive it. All along I never checked the useage but now I am downloading a lot and to be on the safer side I need to check the useage but have lost the username and password.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. vzx

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    Double posts will get you nowhere man... just go to your nearest BSNL office and register a request to give you your username and pass. Keep your figners crossed and pray that you'll get them
  3. manmathan55

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    I was so desprate to get the username and password that i realized later I made a double post. Sorry about that.

    Anyway i have been trying to get it form the BSNL but there is no response from them even after giving a written request. I am trying to get the user name and password from February. Seems their communication is not as fast as their internet and one could never get through their call center number.

    BSNL needs to resolve these kind of issues fast as i am sure I might not be the only person who had forget the password and username.

  4. vzx

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    NP man...

    So it seems that plain 'ol requests will not work. Might I suggest that you visit your BSNL office and talk to the head of that office. Tell them about your grieviences and he might be able to help you. Don't talk to the lowlife customer care reps...
  5. sekharbabu

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    pass word for netone/bsnl.

    Go to the concerned telephone exchange and ask for the telecom engineer concerned with internet. U can access their telehone numbers from enquiry. Explain him personally and request him by a letter to reset your pass word. They cannot give you ur old pass word but they will reset and give you a new pass word. later u can change ur pass word.

    Technical people are located in telephone exchange. by the way u have not mentioned ur location.:)
  6. infoinn

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    If you can still connect to internet then their might be possibility to recover your password from the modem itself. If you are new broadband user with IP starting 117.*.*.* and you changed your bb password then the same may be recovered from the modem. But if you changed your portal password than only BSNL people can help in this. You can use password recovery tools for the same.:)
  7. whitestar_999

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    if you want to recover portal ID(14 characters long different from the bsnl ID you use to connect to net) then you have to contact BSNL.if its the BSNL ID you lost(used to connect to net)then it can be recovered easily from the modem.
  8. Smily

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    We want to change our adsl modem (DLink 302T) to a wireless router.

    I have forgotten my login password with BSNL Dataone. Can I recover this password from the existing modem or do I need to go to BSNL?

    I am based in Bangalore.

    When one first gets the broadband connection from BSNL Dataone, they give a password. Its a standard format I think eg user name+123. Any one remember what that password is?

    Any help is welcome, don't fancy going to BSNL for this!
  9. player

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    username is created as follows(i think) for connecting to internet

    username: customer's name(shortest possible)_your city name
    password : password

    by default password is password

    if you have forgotten your login password(to enter into the modem config. page) try resetting the modem and then your login password will be

    username: admin
    password: admin
  10. superprash2003

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    if your an old user of bsnl.. then this is how the default password goes..
    username : broadband
    password : banbro123

    password is ban+first 3 letters of username+123
    where ban stands for bangalore
  11. Smily

    Smily Guest

    Superprash thanks, that helped a lot.

    now to configure thunderbird ....sigh!
  12. Approach your BSNL SSA head office broadband section

    If u have not changed the user name and password then go for this option

    Contact any one in your same SSA with BSNL broad band connection and check the username and password issued. Change the first few letters of that
    username according to your name. Initial password will be same to all. In some areas it is "password".
  13. superprash2003

    superprash2003 New Member

    for which email service do you want to configure thunderbird.. you need to know their smtp and pop mail servers for that
  14. rasarat

    rasarat New Member

    Have a similar problem with my Dataone connection password. Still remember my username but although I have saved my password (in the connection window where it gives the option of saving PW) I don't remember it. Am scared that if someone deletes it by mistake or clicks on the tick mark then I'm screwed. Good thing is that I can surf for now but is there any way to find out what it was?
  15. whitestar_999

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  16. rasarat

    rasarat New Member

    Thanks Whitestar!
    Will check it out. In the meantime I did visit the BSNL tech people and to my pleasant surprise they called me back and gave me my new password ... :D
  17. Unregistered

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    bsnl webmail account username & password recovery

    Hi, I have an bsnl broadband connection and i have forgotten the bsnl webmail id and password....... hw can i get it back.....? plz help me out....
  18. vijaykhairnar

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  19. Sushant Gatty

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    how to recover username frm modem?
  20. pkm.sbp

    pkm.sbp New Member

    Contact the SDE of your exchange.

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