FINALLY Unlock ur BSNL teracom usb modem 100% Working

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by SlowPoison, Mar 11, 2011.

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  1. SlowPoison

    SlowPoison New Member

    guys now ur wait ended.

    step1- install your teracom data card software
    step2- when your installation complete then uninstall only bsnl 3g software not modem driver
    step3- install my attachment and enjoy.......

    screen shot
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  2. amitg0123

    amitg0123 New Member

    Thanks a lot. Working perfect with my LW273 data card!
  3. venkatjv

    venkatjv New Member

    thanks but that file is effected virus it deleting norton internet s anti virus software
  4. amitg0123

    amitg0123 New Member

    May be a false positive. I am using Avira Free antivirus (always updated) and it scans the u302.exe attached here as safe.

    I learnt by personal experience that Avira is most reliable then any other antivirus program. However, my main operating system is Ubuntu Linux and I only use Windows occasionally so don't take my advice seriously ;) ...
  5. norton blocks every file which over-rides the original ones. it treats these files as trojan and not virus.

    you can always disable your norton when downloading and installing any file. later, turn it on.
  6. hoho

    hoho New Member

    Eset smart security 4 says the file is fine :rolleyes:.
  7. kamat

    kamat New Member

    @slowposion : Thanks for sw.
    I have LW273 and the sw always connects at 3.6 mbps instead of 7 mbps.
  8. amitk0703

    amitk0703 New Member

    Hi Slow poison,

    I am using a BSNL 3g Teracom USB stick, if I use the exe file that you have attached...what will happen. I mean to say then Can I use the data card with different 3g providers or will it unlock the bandwidth on the card.

    I have a USB stick which supports 7.2Mbps.

  9. ashishforforum

    ashishforforum New Member


    "step2- when your installation complete then uninstall only bsnl 3g software not modem driver"

    Can u plz explain a little bit more about this step.....
    I mean I did it as follows:
    goto control panel>> add or remove >> nd uninstall bsnl.exe

    But its not working for me.....

    am I right or not?? if not plz tell me the right way to do it.......

  10. SlowPoison

    SlowPoison New Member

    bro i cant help u on dis matter

    basically, dis will not unlock ur data card, but using dis software u can use any sim on it
    just try with ccleaner as i did
  11. amitk0703

    amitk0703 New Member

    Thanks for the information I will try

    One quick question, after running this file we can still keep on using the bsnl sim card with the rest of the providers i mean all the sim cards will work including the existing BSNL one
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  12. amitg0123

    amitg0123 New Member

    I don't have any such issue, it's giving me full speed upto 7.2mbps with Vodafone 3G :)

    The firmware of LW272/LW273 is not locked but it's the dialer application (BSNL.exe) which is locked. This application is just a dialer that has no vendor lock and you can use any SIM to connect. On Linux you can already use it with any SIM card you want. The bandwidth can't be changed it's fixed in hardware.

    Yes, this will uninstall driver too. So after that install this application (attached here) and go to the installation directory (C:\Program Files\VCELL 3G Data Card). Within that folder goto the `Resource\driver` folder and double click on `Dinstall.exe`. This will install the driver and you will see VCELL dialer application being launch automatically once completed. Enjoy!
  13. rajdeep08

    rajdeep08 New Member

    "Thanks" worked perfect for me in BSNL 3G USB TERACOM DATA CARD LW273..............
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  14. playersjohn

    playersjohn Guest

    wow,its great man,well,will it work on reliance data card?
  15. rajdeep08

    rajdeep08 New Member

    Don't uninstall BSNL 3g software,directly install U302.exe file .
    After that u can use any sim card with BSNL3G interface i.e.u can use original BSNL 3G software for connection.Just do the settings according to the connection u are using.
    Here u cannot see the operator name in the interface. But u will see that it gets connected to 7.2mbps as desired for LW273 BSNLTeracom device.......

    But if u use VCELL 3G Data Card software then u will get the operator name in the interface of signal...............but it gets connected to 3.6mbps......

    U can have a look on the below image...............
  16. sandesh9u

    sandesh9u New Member

    Thank you very much..
    I was needing it badly because low class bsnl wireless service in our area... Thanks once again..
  17. kamat

    kamat New Member

    Thats the point i wanted to share with you..
  18. amitg0123

    amitg0123 New Member

    I am not sure about that as BSNL.exe will forcefully close if it detects SIM from other operators during SIM initialization (the logic is embed in the application).

    My LW273 connects with 7.2mbps with VCELL dialer with Vodafone 3G SIM. I am unable to attach a screenshot at the moment as I am running Linux at this time...
  19. rajdeep08

    rajdeep08 New Member

    No,it will not detect it & will not close.
    If u install the V cell data card software,then the BSNL 3G teracom software
    automatically unlocks & u can use any operator sim.
    Here u will be able to connect through the original BSNL 3G interface.
    In windows it always connects to 3.6mbps if we use Vcell dialer.So, we can use BSNL 3G dialer.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2011
  20. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    only for Tearcom data card or any GSM DATA CARD ?

    Just curious .This V cell Dialer is meant for only Teracom Bsnl data card or it can be used to bye pass the native software (and use any 2G/3G sim) in say
    Airtel,Vodaphone,Idea Netsetter data cards ??:confused:
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