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    As lots of new user has few common ISP related query. So I summaries all the answer may be which was already available in different thread of the forum.

    What the usage calculating system ?
    Usage=download + upload for all type of limited plan. Please check the BSNL Calcutta telephones where they did misguide to the user check they have said only Home 125 plan usage = upload+ download but originally for all limited plan usage=upload +download. New user must be careful about that.


    Calcutta Telephones Tariff

    How many days need to get BSNL broadband after application ?
    It depends on area to area. Most of the time it takes 15-20 days but it can be reduce or increased best answer can give your local exchange.

    Is telephone connection compulsory for BSNL broadband ?
    Yes it is compulsory but now those who don’t have BSNL telephone line they can get broadband without giving any extra rental for phone connection. Only they need to apply BSNL combo plan.

    ‘How to change plan ? How can I know my plan has changed ?’
    For plan change anyone has to apply it in their local or zonal exchange.
    Normally plan change happen in the 1st day of the month but exceptional case can be found.
    Please go to the order type if it is provisioned with your new plan name that mean your plan has changed.


    Awareness about plan change
    • Please verify your plan order type in bbservise website. Check your new plan is provisioned or not.
    • Please verify it once again by BSNL customer care in your own interest.
    • Sometimes few strange problem can appear like suppose in changing plan from Home 250 to Home 500 ‘order type’ has not changed but chargeable usage of night (2AM-8 AM) is showing 0 in such complicated case anyone must contact with BSNL authority. My opinion avoid heavy download at that period also wait for few days to change the website order status.

    Is anyone can use my userid from different line or vice-versa ?
    2005 when BSNL launch BB that time anyone can use his user account from any pc. Now it is not possible due to port binding system by BSNL. Neither you can use anyone userid from your pc also anyone can’t able to access your account id from other line.

    I have enter correct userid & password but still showing error 691

    It happen sometimes due to server problem doesn’t need to worry if this problem persist more than 10-12 hour then complaint it local exchange and BSNL customer care.

    I have forgotten the user name & password what can I do ?
    Call the BSNL customer care line they will restore your password as default and if you have forgotten both user id ( portal & service) then they will tell you that also.

    BSNL portal page is not showing usage
    This is happen almost regularly once or twice in a month due to maintenance. Most of the time it happens first 3-4 days of the month.

    I have got the connection nth day of the month what will be exact free usage limit of that particular month ?
    free limit = ((total usage of your plan in MB)*(remaining day of the month))/no of days of the month.
    Assume someone get the connection at 18 th of April in Home 500 plan his usage limit in that particular month is = (2560 * 13)/30 = 1109.33 MB

    BSNL charge me in night unlimited time
    If they do that then make complaint but new user must remember that disconnect your Bb connection at 1:58 AM then connect it 2:04 AM otherwise BSNL will charge you in night unlimited time.

    I did not cross the usage limit as my plan limit but I got thousands of Rs as usage charge in my bill
    It often happens now that BSNL charge wrongly to the user as usage charge. In such case contact your local or zonal DE internal with snapshot of usage detail site record with letter and previous paid bill. Probably within a few days our problem will be solve.(if they did mistake)

    I am BSNL limited user but my night unlimited time speed is very slow
    Now please check in any speed test site it’s more than 256 kbps or not if it’s below 256 kbps then you can make a complaint in BSNL customer care. But one think remember that BSNL never promised to 2 mbps speed for all user they said it ‘upto’ so if you get 400 -500 kbps in night then may be BSNL will not response in your complaint.
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