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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by swaoamit, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. swaoamit

    swaoamit New Member

    :)Hi Guys,

    I saw hundreds of thousand threads and blogs on internet about Which is fastest and reliable DNS for broadband?

    So, after few hours search I found that the BSNL's own system DNS were fastest for BB (at least as per my search and research ).

    Not Open DNS nor the Google Public DNS; it's BSNL's DNS is Fastest and Reliable.:confused:

    I say so because, I download couple of software and also from RUN command testing.

    Take look of few result of mine -
    1] From RUN command Result from RUN command.jpg

    2] From software testing Result from namebech.jpg

    I use following software's - DNS Bechmark & namebench

    Waiting for Reply !

    Thanks !:)
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

  3. Nick_H

    Nick_H New Member

    That's because it is an absolutely overhyped subject. People like to change something and then believe that they have made a huge improvement. It's called go-faster stripes.

    I am very cynical about most of the claims --- but they are not all false! I have spent days watching my browser saying "cannot find the server at ....". Very often that is a problem with the DNS. At that time, in my case, it was widely known that BSNL's DNSs were overloaded and performing badly. A number of people were experiencing the same thing.

    If you believe you have a DNS problem, then do just what you have done: run the various tools to get a recommendation of which server to use, use it, believe it, and have peace of mind. Your own ISP's servers should be fastest.

    Be happy, and don't lisen to those "My dns is faster than yours" merchants. Really, even if it is, they will be gaining hardly anything at all.

    DNS --- don't worry about it! Unless you need to :)
  4. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    BSNL DNS is a waste of time. May work good in certain conditions, but overall, it is not reliable. Use OpenDNS or Google DNS. You can see the difference.
  5. swaoamit

    swaoamit New Member

    Thnks for Reply !

    "I think it is waste of time to convince anyone to use any particular DNS." as Nick H said.

    If u see my above stated test result from various software as well as pretty reliable test from RUN command, there is at least 50% margin between OPEN DNS + Google DNS and BSNL's DNS.

    As u say "May work good in certain conditions, but overall, it is not reliable" , there is no server in whole world that will perform 100% at any time of the day.

    As far as my test concern, I tested it 5 different times of the day. And the results mentioned above were tested 11.30pm (which is, I think is a prime time for net surfing, downloading etc.) at day before this thread posted.

    So, for me and for my connection, BSNL's DNS are fastest among the other DNS.

  6. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    You are right. Every person has his own view on this subject :)
  7. swaoamit

    swaoamit New Member

    Do you have an DATA about Open DNS and Google DNS were fastest in market?
  8. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    I have my personal experience to count on. I have used Google, Open DNS and BSNL DNS. BSNL DNS were the worst in my case. Even Google was slow to an extent. Using Open DNS since last 6 months. Also tried Comodo and Norton DNS. Didn't felt any huge difference.
  9. swaoamit

    swaoamit New Member

    Here is my latest - Today 6.16pm - DATA

  10. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Happy for you. Stick with BSNL DNS.
  11. swaoamit

    swaoamit New Member

    It is not for Happiness or for satisfaction buddy.

    This is the Forum where u can share ur information regarding to experience as well as experiments about BSNL Internet, Right?

    So, I share my experience as well as experiments for everyone who visit here.

    That's It........ there is nothing like BSNL is my own company so I have to market it here...!

    Be Cool............:cool:
  12. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Still awaiting speed test results using different DNS.
    My Post No 2.
  13. George101

    George101 New Member

    bsnl dns wont be updated as fast as open/google dns when a site changes its ip. thats what matter more
  14. Nick_H

    Nick_H New Member

    Most don't... most of the time.
    I don't see why BSN shuld be slower to get updated, though: what makes you think that?
  15. mvs sarma

    mvs sarma Member

    I feel that these delays are time specific, same DNS at another time could be slower.
  16. Nick_H

    Nick_H New Member

    You could say that about anything.

    This cup of tea is time specific: the next one might be better. Or worse.
  17. Nick_H

    Nick_H New Member

    I just set up local caching server for DNS in Ubuntu.

    Guess what: it saves me about 40ns against sending out to Airtel DNS.

    It was technically fun and satisfying (and quite easy to do) but I can't say it is going to make a blistering difference!
  18. hitler517

    hitler517 New Member

    That's cool.... Some time back I too set up a local caching server for our office using IpCop on Vmware.

    It does boost the browsing speeds considerably...... :)
  19. Nick_H

    Nick_H New Member

    I used to use Treewalk with Windows. For some reason, I thought that setting up "proper" DNS under Linux would be difficult. It was so easy! Just install bind9, edit two files and start it up :)

    Yes, I could make my PC the DNS server for the house, but my wife is an early riser, and I am not, so best to leave her machine talking direct to Airtel, I think
  20. hitler517

    hitler517 New Member

    Setting up a DNS server is good. Only problem is when the original DNS records change, it may take days, weeks or even months to update on our private DNS cache.... :(

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