Experience Of Porting From Docomo To Aircel

Hi everyone,
I recently ported out from docomo to aircel.. Docomo raised its tariff to 1.5p/s and their internet sucks. It does not even connect, you need to keep Redialing and finally after 20 tries it connects and again disconnects after 40 Min :mad: . Theses are the two main reasons why i ported out.

I visited the Aircel outlet in R.T.Nagar on 25th, filled all the necessary forms and got a new aircel sim.
That evening i got a message from aircel saying the porting process has been initiated.

After this on 26th, docomo gave me a special tariff benefit that all calls would be charged at 1.2p/2sec for 4 months. when i called CS they said it was offered so as to retain the customer from porting out.

On the 4th day i.e. on 29th i received a message from aircel that the porting request has been accepted and the new sim would he activated on 30/1/2014 at 00:16 . :)

The same night the balance of 8rs which i had on docomo vanished!!! the balance was reduced to 0.01
couldn't even call customer care to find out what happened. Called 121 for last 3 deductions, there was no record of what happened.:eek:

on 30th docomo sim went offline and aircel sim was activated. I had to call 59059 to activate their services.

Then call 123 for language selection. Finally send AIRCEL to 121 to get MNP benefits.
- Rs5 balance for free
- 100000 Aircel to Aircel free ( have no clue about validity )
- 1.2p/2sec all calls valid for 3 months

Nice deal they were offering.

Also the docomo sim which was on my fathers name was transferred to my name.
So people can also use MNP if they want to change ownership of sim and also change their operator.

Initial impressions were that the voice clarity was comewhat clearer. And internet gets connected instantly
Aircel is also offering PI24 giving 100mb for 30days. useful for whatsapp app and emails

Thank You for reading
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Thanks for the information vspraneeth05, was thinking of getting a new Tata connection, will have to rethink this now.