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Discussion in 'Bsnl EVDO' started by dbz_sid, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. dbz_sid

    dbz_sid New Member

    Hi there, I got EVDO from BSNL yesterday and got 750 UL plan activated. I am getting EVDO signals and 4 bars constantly, but I'm not getting a lot of speed. I mean with 4 bars the maximum I have got is around 600Kbps (bits/sec), usually it hovers somewhere around 300-400kbps. What can I do to get better speeds?

    Also Rssi with 4 bars is -79dbm. Please help.... I'm from Bhopal.
  2. sumitbaran

    sumitbaran Member

    Use a USB extension cable and put the EVDO device out side of the window......................

    BSNL EVDO.jpg

  3. dbz_sid

    dbz_sid New Member

    USB Extension cable... u mean USB Male to Male or Male to Female? plz tell...
  4. sumitbaran

    sumitbaran Member

    USB Male to Female.

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