Error 1099 On Vodafone's Zte K4201-i 3g Dongle

On my desktop with o/s of Windows XP SP2 Professional, yesterday I installed Vodafone K4201-I made by ZTE. These are being sold unlocked directly by Vodafone stores in Lucknow (UP-East). It is a 3G dongle. It cost me Rs1300. I have bought it in order to get rid of BSNL ADSL2 "defunct" broadband connection One may see spec of the same at

On clicking Connect I get Error Code 1099. I am using an extension USB data cable. When I first installed it, it worked. Subsequent attempts meet with stated problem. I am using my Vodafone SIM for the same for the time being until I get Aircel SIM activated which is cheaper (1.5GB for Rs198 compared to Voda's 1.5 GB for Rs275). I want to avoid these big players of Cellulars Operators Association of India (COAI) being Airtel, Voda, and Idea who want to rule the roost.

Voda's Helpline at "116" (calling from Voda SIM) had asked my to go to Settings > Connection Settings and click at Add. In it as directed I changed Config File Name to: VMC. Then I inserted Dial # as: *99***1#. Under APN I clicked at Use The Following APN and inserted www. The other settings were left as they were. First time it worked like a charm showing connection being UMTS and was really fast. Second time I started my desktop PC again I started getting the same old Error Code 1099. Can somebody help?
This Zte K4201-I supports Windows XP SP-3. There is a driver in it that does not support Windows XP SP-2 which creates a problem. Thus one has to go via the route of installing a dialup connection in Windows as follows:

To set-up your Dial-up connection under Windows XP, follow the simple step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Open the New Connection Wizard by clicking on Start >(All) Programs>
Accessories >Communications > New Connection Wizard Click 'Next'

Step 2: Click Connect to the Internet, Click 'Next'

Step 3: Select Set up my connection manually, Click 'Next'.

Step 4: Click Connect using a dial-up modem, Click 'Next'.

Step 5: In the ISP name field (below), enter 'www' (small letters) Click 'Next'.

Step 6: Enter the appropriate dial up no which is *99***1# (for Sony Ericson H/S
*99***2# or *99***3#) Click 'Next'.

Step 7: Keep username and password BLANK , Click 'Next'.

Step 8: You have successfully created the Dial-up connection for Vodafone 3G.
Check box to create short cut on DESKTOP for Vodafone 3G
( if required ), Click Finish

It may be noted that for Aircel SIM connectivity via this dongle for Windows XP/XP2 too the dial up no. is the same i.e. *99***1#. Only the ISP/APN name needs to be changed to 'AIRCELGPRS'.

The above settings also need to be incorporated under Settings on clicking the installed icon K4201-I. Whenever, one installs the SIM of another service provider then the same is to be as the Default connection like interchanging between Aircel and Vodafone.

OR For different dial-up connections click Start > Run > type 'rasphone' and create different dial-up connections. I have AIRCELGPRS and Vodafone 3G.
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