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Discussion in 'Broadband Internet Service Providers' started by brody12, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. brody12

    brody12 New Member

    I am from Coimbatore, looking for internet providers with following attributes :

    Monthly rental : around 1000
    Speed : around 4 Mbps

    Any suggestions please....

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  2. Rahül Ks

    Rahül Ks Member

    BSNL for 900 INR Per month
  3. Sheal

    Sheal New Member

    With your budget BSNL would be the best option, Tata would also be good but that would be slightly over RS1000. Other options which you can consider are You Broadband, which is an excellent service provider with good speeds but that's Rs2000 a month.
  4. netkid

    netkid Member

    BSNL and all the big ISPs have introduced FUP in their unlimited plans which will restrict you pretty badly if you download a lot.

    Look for a cable ISP in your area and check out their plans. Cable ISPs usually do not implement FUP.

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