DreamTel.... fastest & cheapest WiMax broadband service in Punjab

Discussion in 'Broadband Internet Service Providers' started by pawandeep_sk, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. pawandeep_sk

    pawandeep_sk New Member


    Punjab gets gift in form of DreamTel internet service based on WiMax technology, a 4G technology. it very good going, speed is good, plans are cheaper than all other ISP

    Pawandeep Singh
    Kapurthala (Punjab)
  2. pawandeep_sk

    pawandeep_sk New Member


    the WiMax devices DreamTel is using are imported from US & not from China like BSNL, Tata, reliance are doing
  3. Varun Malhotra

    Varun Malhotra New Member

    Is it available in Ludhiana? I am looking for new connection!!
  4. Varun Malhotra

    Varun Malhotra New Member

    Is it available in Ludhiana and how much speed they provide? rite now I am on Airtel with 2 Mbps, but their benchmark system sucks :(
  5. pawandeep_sk

    pawandeep_sk New Member

    Hi Varun,
    I am afraid to say that it has not yet launched in Ludhiana. company is targeting small cities of punjab intially. anyways u can call 0181-4317070 for query regarding Ludhiana.
  6. vimalvimi

    vimalvimi New Member

    It Is Available In Jalandhar But It Is Rare , Is There Any Dreamtel User I Want To Ask Some Questions :D
  7. bodmas

    bodmas Member

    I need to setup STATIC IP for my DREAMTEL BROADBAND ISP. Can anyone please provide me DNS IP details of the ISP here so that i can Port forward IPs manually.
    Advance thanks!
  8. Ankitfizz

    Ankitfizz New Member

    Please do not take DreamTel as the ping is really high.
    N0o matter the download speed is good but the speed fluctuates so much that no one can downlaoad..Ping is soo high.
    I am complaining the customer care since 4 days continuously and no even no single connection is taken place,.. I am using 999 scheme ...
    They say me i have finished my usage in 4 days and i should upgrade the connection to 2000 Rs.. They are soo dam liers I really cant tell u...Please Please if u online gamer Please do not take this ******* connection.. Sorry for my words but Its true...
  9. pawandeep_sk

    pawandeep_sk New Member


    you can cheque your usage date wise at (link ony works over DreamTel internet) username & password are customerID+customer's first name (all in small letters without any space)
  10. Ankitfizz

    Ankitfizz New Member

    Yes! I take my words back.. Dreamtel rocks !! Really !! I m getting soooo awsum ping now! M soo happy .. As i said Speed already roxX !
  11. sumitcool

    sumitcool New Member

    dude how u get ur ping problem fixed please tel me i m also having same issues .... reply soon
  12. jatinder_thind

    jatinder_thind New Member

    Dreamtel is the least professional provider I have ever come across.

    Their speed are nowhere what they promise. I have Dreamtel broadband connection at home and a Dreamtel lease line at office and both suck. You have to call them every few days to get the speed up to mark, but after a couple of days it slows down again.

    Even their lease line does not give you constant speed as it should, on some sites the download speed is good and bad on others. And if you download a single file, you don't stated speed of 1 MBPS, you get this speed only if you download multiple files.

    And their accounting is a huge mess, I have paid upfront for the whole year. Yet they keep calling me every couple of weeks about my "overdue payment".
  13. Nirajseth

    Nirajseth New Member

    Dreamtel is a joke.. STAY AWAY!

    Honestly, it's the worst company i have come across. Its just a bunch of jokers trying to show they are an ISP. One of my friends got their connection and subsequently I took the connection too. But they never got even close to 2mbps they promised.
    PING is so high all the time!
    The connection got lost 50 times a day and their so called 'technical team' is a bunch of losers again.
    They never had answer to it. STAY AWAY if you are looking for a stable ISP!

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