Download speed for 512kbps?

Discussion in 'Hathway' started by rockang, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. rockang

    rockang New Member

    I have just bought a hathway connection.

    I have taken a 512kbps connection.

    What is the download speed that I should expect out of it??
  2. magnet

    magnet New Member

    not much download will b ard 46max avg kBps...while practically u shd get ard 60......
  3. The One

    The One Guest

    The maximum download speed should be about 64 kbps.
  4. magnet

    magnet New Member

    its 64kBps not kbps...but on hathway u always get less than 30% of max speed
  5. The One

    The One Guest

  6. JayOnNet

    JayOnNet New Member

    Download speed for 512 kbps?

    I have a 512 kbps unlimited Hathway connection.

    The speed I'm getting is

    Download : 124 kb/s
    Upload : 61 kb/s


    They simply block the upload speed. This definitely bring down the overall surfing speed.

    Is it expected from people to use internet connection only for downloads?

    Why don't they behave rationally? Both, Download & Upload speed must be uniform (if not the same).
  7. pushy

    pushy New Member

    I have a 512 kbps unlimited Hathway connection(11pm-9am UL).
    following r the speeds i get:
  8. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    Hathway uses shared connection.
    so more concurrent user = less bandwidth per user
  9. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    Sorry but couldnt help noticing this in an earlier post in the same thread. They are not blocking the upload speeds. Most of the ISPs in India operate in such manner. The downstream speed will always be greater than the upstream speed. Because unless u are running some sort of server service, u dont need high upload speeds.
  10. pushy

    pushy New Member

    i don't think thats the case friend, coz i never faced slow down in my download speeds via. rapidshare or any HTTP sites, via. torrents it's(speed) related on many factors but i do get speeds above 55kbps on a good one.
    but i have to agree, speeds after 11 PM do get a bit suppressed and that i don't know why but still i get 50+ speed on torrents. one thing i have noticed that ping at night is on higher sides sometimes(around 30-40) and at day time is usually around 25-28.
  11. powerdoc

    powerdoc New Member

    I used Hathway before switching to Reliance.
    I had 256 kbps unlimited plan.
    Their policy was like this -

    Max download speed - 208 kbps (26 kB/s)
    Max upload speed - 48 kbps (6 kB/s)

    So it added up to 256 kbps.
    Strange policy back then...maybe the same is continuing.
  12. ag_prasun

    ag_prasun New Member

    when were u using this plan??
    my plan is also 256 ul.but i get 27 28 in torrents, and 32 33 via download managers.
  13. powerdoc

    powerdoc New Member

    Around a year back...

    Yeah speed was always lower for torrents than http.
    But upload speed just sucked :(
  14. mgcarley

    mgcarley New Member

    Actually, NO broadband connection provides synchronous speeds up/down.

    Dial-up is max 56Kbits down, 33.6Kbits up.
    ADSL allows up to 8Mbits down, 1Mbits up.
    ADSL2+M allows up to 24Mbits down, 3.5Mbits up.
    Cable varies - DOCSIS technology allows allows up to 42.88mbits down, 10.24Mbits up, so most operators typically have a DL/UL ratio of about 4:1 or 8:1.
    DOCSIS3 technology allows up to something like 343Mbits down (using 8 channels), and 122.08Mbits up. As far as I know, DOCSIS3 is not yet implemented in India.

    On the other hand, there are certain Fibre connections, and VDSL which allow synchronous connections, but neither are available in India at this point. My ISP may use such technology in the not-too-distant future.

    Anyway, going back to my original point, if he is able to download at 124 kbits, he is getting only 1/4th of the advertised speed. If he is getting 124 kbytes, he's getting twice as much.

    The graphic here shows that the former is true, and Hathway should really get in trouble for it - I can squeeze almost similar speeds from a 128kbps plan at the mother-in-laws, for about 1/4 the price.
  15. majorgeek_100

    majorgeek_100 New Member

    mgcarley is 100% correct ...rep+
    usually we get upto 85% of the told speed
    i.e. for 512 kbps plan you will get UPTO 55KBps ONLY.[out of 64KBps..]
  16. deccangroove

    deccangroove New Member


    I am a lil confused.I have a 512 kbps unlimited plan in hyderabad(Rs 1600 p.m)..........I get an avg speed of 58 kBps with rapidshare but it is sometimes reachings 100 kBps+ for substantial periods of time....shounldnt the max speed be only 64kBps(512/8)? Can anyone help me i lucky or am i missing something here?
  17. nandini

    nandini New Member

    If you're really getting a speed of around 100 kBps, you definitely are lucky and God's chosen One!!! :D
  18. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Do not trust such speed tests.

    I mean if you getting them, its brilliant. But real speed is:

    Speed = Total Size of file / Total time take to download
  19. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker Jedi knight

    mgcarley got a rep from me. Speed might be less than 13% due to TCP/IP overheads but if you are using PPPoE it might become less than 20% also.( depends upon the distance if you are 17 km it should be 20% less mine is 13% less)
  20. innovat0r

    innovat0r New Member

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