Download Monitoring

I have moved in with my new friends to a flat. We often end up using your download limits and have to pay to airtel for extra bandwidth. This often results bad understanding when it comes during the month end and our bill arrives.
I need a software which will monitor the dowload usage which each device that connects to the modem through wifi does. Is there any software or incase any other modem which will work with Airtel connections and comes with a inbuit options to do it. At the max i will need to monitor 15 devices (the phones, tab and laptops).
It enough if the i get the total usage made by each and every device.
Narendran Kishore
Instead of getting into this mumbo jumbo why don't you get an unlimited connection? If Airtel does not have unlimited plans then go for Bsnl. There is no effective way of keeping a check on usage otherwise unless you are prepared to buy one of the paid software that are available.


Staff member
You could get a router with QoS feature and use that. Some cisco ones have it but that is not entirely fool proof. The only thing I know that would really work is Tomato QoS.

It is best to get an unlimited connection instead of looking for solutions like this one even if it means getting a lower speed connection. Bsnl as Transformer said could be a good option or use a Bsnl evdo unlimited connection so you wont have to worry about running into heavy bills.

Actually I have an unlimited connection with Airtel. I am now with the plan that offers 125 GB at 4Mbps and then 256Kbps. But we guys use it so heavily that we run out of the 125GB in a matter of 20 to 22 days :-(. Then we get pop ups from Airtel Smart Bites, where u got to buy extra Download limit for extra bucks. The airtel Smart Bites buying page is also like crap. No authentication is needed. All of get it as pop up and you just need to select a plan and type in the catch-put letters.

And well the bill arrives it very difficult to bring every everyone to accept and share the bill :-(. So we are thinking of monitoring how much each download and set-up limits for each of us. I am trying to find some good software or may be a router for it. Ready even pay few bucks. would prefer to pay for a router always.

5 guys share the net connection all have a tab, a laptop and mobile. We need a minimum bandwidth of 4Mbps and Currently there is no other higher plans at 4Mbps + available at my place too :-(. The last option left with us the 175 Gb 2Mbps connection. We will have to take that if we don't any find any software or a router to do the job.