Does Mts Mblaze Work On Roaming?


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I have heard good reviews about the MTS MBlaze, and also heard some information about using it on roaming, apparently it can not be used on roaming as it doesn't work? Is this true or just a rumor? I do a lot of travelling, so need the mobile connection with me when I travel to different parts of India.
MTS provides service in Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh (West) and West Bengal circles. Roaming is free within these circles.


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Outside these circles roaming is not available if I am not wrong. This is something which I was told by a local retail shop when I was inquiring about the MTS MBlaze.
How can that be? Generally data card connections work on roaming, its a different thing if there were charges on roaming but I don't understand why it wouldn't work on roaming. I suppose it must be true if information was provider by a retail shop, but still its best to confirm this with MTS customer care.