Does BSNL take action against non payment of huge broadband bill

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by chanky.mallick, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. chanky.mallick

    chanky.mallick New Member

    hello everyone,
    sometimes the broadband user use lots of data according to unlimited plan like - 50 or 60gb in a month, but when the bill is came it shows that he is not under unlimited plan he is under 250rs plan ,and he have to pay the money like 30000 or 40000 thousand rupees, and if the user have no proof to defend himself and he determined that he will not going pay the bill at any cost.
    So what action does taken from bsnl to recover the bill amount from the customer.
    or they does not take any action just cut the broadband line due non payment of bill as usual.
  2. mickey

    mickey New Member

    sorry that you got such bill :D nothing to be embarrassed.Infact we all are somewhere a$$ kicked by BSNL. As you said that they will cut line,i think they will do more.because its not one or two thousand rupees which you owe them.its around half of a lac and which is they will really take strict actions against you as its the matter of accounts officer and he is liable for it.moreover they will send you notices before acting on this.but if you fail they will really take you to some higher place.maybe to court.better approach will be to avoid all this.don hesitate to talk to bsnl people.your local line worker.engi.and most importantingly don make the issue go it will make it mean like "i am not to pay,so what?"little give and take always works in govt. Agencies so try to whiten the matter:D

    So why did you still Download 50-60gb when you knew you don have a good luck by your side.moreover what was so important that you downloaded?what was it?let all know :D
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  3. rupu1983

    rupu1983 Guest

    When a user applied for broadband plan in that time he/she must have to put the tick mark to chose the plan in application form user can ask to the BSNL authority to show the application form which he submitted.If they do some double writing then it will be easily rectified by the user then user can go to the customer court.They can make complaint in TRAI also.Filled application form with customer signature is the main valid document in such case.
  4. iChaitanya

    iChaitanya New Member

    You'll get a court notice. If, still, you fail to respond, you go to jail.
    I've heard that BSNL has also started hiring recovery agents.

    That's the way things work in BSNL.
  5. tfewster

    tfewster New Member



    I have had this problem with another provider. My advise is to negotiate something. Start off by trying to get them to waive the excess usage altogether. Use the confusion over the plan type etc to get some sympathy.

    If this doesn't work ask them to reduce it to something manageable to pay, and see if you can do this over 6 -12 months.

    If you leave it till they get a debt collector involved you will probably be liable for the full amount.


  6. yogy

    yogy New Member

    Did anyone get a huge bill amount???

    what happened next? let us know.

    I did not know the tricks to use bsnl when I first took this net two years back. that idiot told that downloading from 2-8 will cost me .80 paise per MB.the basic plan was for 500 rs and i used to get 2000-3000 bill. then i went for an unlimited plan on beam cable. then i came across this site when the unlimited plan was about to expire. i read almost all the threads. Now Its been 2 months since I am using BSNL again. Though I am downloading 70-80GB per month, my monthly bill is not crossing the basic amount 500.
  7. rupu1983

    rupu1983 Guest

    May be it's a legal advise but practical still in my area i never found such case this process not the easy for BSNL also if a case started then lawyer and case expanse will be add another 30-40 thousands expanse if bill are in lakhs then only BSNL can thick about legal process.
  8. thats_me

    thats_me New Member

    It would not have been a problem if it were Rs 4000 or Rs 5000. They would have neglected it. But the amount is (ahem) too high. So its very likely they'll take action.:6:

    My cousin got a bill of more than Rs 8000 and he paid it. He had home 250. he thought that Rs 250 is for 400 MB (free usage was 400 MB when it first launched) usage. So for another 400 MB he'll pay extra Rs 250. And so on. and thus .... you know what were the consequencecs.

    I dont think its possible to download 70 GB per month in 256KBps UL plan. Your total usage upload+download may be more 70 GB but not download.
  9. yogy

    yogy New Member

    Yes. Download+Upload will cross 70GB. I mostly use torrents. I download upto 3.5GB a day and upload around 1.2 GB per day. The above stats are only if I download from 2am to 8am. Sometimes I wake up after 3am.
  10. thats_me

    thats_me New Member

    Thats impossible in UL750.

    In 24 hrs : max download = 32 * 60 * 60 * 24 = 2700 MB. (which is practically impossible to reach).
  11. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    chanky.mallick we have had a few more members with the same query and I replied to one of them in complete detail on what to do in such a situation and I believe that info will come in handy for you as well.

    Please use the search function and if you still cant find it please shout and I will give it a try.
  12. chanky.mallick

    chanky.mallick New Member

    Bsnl right against huge bill

    When we sign the term and condition of broadband or landline form of bsnl there
    is nothing written like "due to non payment of bill bsnl has the right to take any legal action against you" the only line is "due to non payment of bill telephone will be disconnected without prior notice" that's it. so make a complain against the bill and keep the complain evidence carefully , and enjoy any other internet provider, don't be worry.
    but the complain is must.
    enjoy your life happily not to worry about such small matter.
  13. simsandy43

    simsandy43 New Member

    firstly they will remind you by phone for non-payment, after 3-4 months they will send a official notice by post from their dept. and if you have not response for that then they will make FIR to the police station after police verification they will submit the case to the local court and then if you consider guilty the court will penalised you by making the outstanding amt PLUS court charges bear by bsnl side.
  14. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    But why skip paying the phone bill? If u suspect that there is erroneous billing, then the accounts officer should be contacted, he will inturn look into the matter and solve it at the earliest.
  15. totallyfandu

    totallyfandu New Member

    and more if ur bill is huge and want want to pay it ,then contact CAO (chief account officer) and request him that break the bill in three parts and i think he will definetely do it because finally he geting money in one way
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  16. totallyfandu

    totallyfandu New Member

    U just wait powerdoc they will reach u now bsnl has to recover its outstanding from suscriber by hit and trail mehod
  17. chanky.mallick

    chanky.mallick New Member

    my problem is solved , i was got a 27000 bill but the local bsnl officer of our exchage contact with tr(account officer) and he change my bill into 2000 rs, rental+security deposit.after 2 months
  18. sanmalkani

    sanmalkani New Member

    in BSNL there are two billing system.
    the broadband billing system make your changed plan effective from current date but the local billing system which is used for customer billing make plan change effective at last date of the month if u change your plan in middle of the month it will be effective at the end of the month is better to wait for the end of the month.
    but still u get very high bill then BSNL is offering 2 plans from back date which will reduce your bill drastically to low.for more detials bsnl site or nearest customer service centre may be is better to avoid court etc.
  19. kkdsekar

    kkdsekar New Member

    payment of Broad band bill

    Happy afternoon sir
    Definitely they will take action against non payment of telephone bill. There is no separate bill for Broad band. The usage of Broad band will automatically included in the Telephoen bill. If you un paid the telephone bill, 1st they will disconnect your telephone after that they Broad band service also will be disconnected. Even after the bill is not paid by you, they send a gorup of people to collect the balance bill amount as defaulter collection team. Even after you have not paid the bill they file the case in the court of law. So as a Friend I advice you kindly pay the bill amount to avoid penalty and also penal proceedings. Thank you. bye.. KKD.Villupuram.
  20. tristam

    tristam Guest

    if you don't pay the simply cut your line and do nothing else.

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