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  1. mail2lvr

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    Hai, recently i took ITI make DNA-A201BE-I ADSL type-2+ but it is working in always on mode but how to configure in bridging mode can you any body help me?
  2. meetdilip

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    1. Log in to the modem.


    a. Type in your browser.

    b. Enter ID and password as admin.

    2. Check the LHS panel

    In the WAN settings, find an entry as 0_35. Click " edit ", browse through the pages, you will find an option to choose between Bridge (dialer) and PPPoE.
  3. mail2lvr

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    configuration to bridge mode

    no sir, after selecting bridge mode and by rebooting also it has not working with bridge mode and iam getting 678 error
  4. meetdilip

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  5. meetdilip

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    Post a screen shot of your modem menu page. If you are not allowed to post links, post them as hxxp://domain.com instead of http://domain.com.

    Check this guide ( similar GUI)


    How did you entered the ID, hope you entered it as just username (instead of username@bsnl.in ).
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  6. essbebe

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    Are you using IE browser ?.
    Check in internet options "connections".
    "never dial a connection " box.

    same hardware board as mentioned above.

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  7. bsnlsiva

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    how to config bridge mode

    hai i am using bsnl broadband connection i am using iti dna-a201be-1 modem
    this modem how to config bridge mode
  8. meetdilip

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    Check steps in post no. 2
  9. essbebe

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    confirm your modem page looks like this ?
    India Broadband Forum

    or like this ?
    See Post No 2 & 4.

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