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Discussion in 'Dish tv' started by neerajvohra, May 10, 2011.

  1. neerajvohra

    neerajvohra New Member

    I was using Dish Tv from 5 years and from my experience, its the worst DTH service provider in India.

    If someone looking out to choose between Dishtv and other DTH providers like Airtel, Big TV, Tata Sky or Videocon DTH. You better buy any other DTH service except Dish TV.

    The worst and pathetic customer service, though in India we don’t have terms like customer care but they are more than that.

    Some of the major reasons of writing about Dishtv are given below :

    1. The software and UI of setbox is laggy as always. The loading time is not at par as comparable to other DTH specially Airtel.

    2. Dish TV released a new software which is not available for old customers like me.

    3. They want me to pay 350bucks plus tax to swap the DTH, 150bucks plus tax for the agent who will come to my place for box swap. Why would I give them my working old STB lol crazy policies.

    4. They increased the platinum package to 350rs and the 1 year package will change as per the new terms.

    5. They removed ten sports from platinum package and added it as a la carte package.

    I don’t mind paying few extra bucks to other service provider when I get peace of mind while watching tv.

    My personal suggestion to all the new DTH users, please save yourself some time and don’t buy dishtv. After using dishtv from 5 years, I must say what I was missing while not using other DTH services.

    Thanks to all for reading my review. Do post comments and feedback about Dish tv and share your experiences too.
  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Very true. But DishTV is much cheaper than others with the exception of Videocon D2H. On a normal CRT TV, Gajodhar Bhaiyya will not be able to notice much difference in terms of picture quality. So why pay more? When it comes to LCD TVs, then it is a different equation.

    DishTV's STB/UI is one of the worst.

    Quite true.

    Quite true.

    Quite true.

    Quite true. But then other providers also do the same.

    I have more or less made up my mind to switch to TataSky HD in the near future or as soon as my DishTV subscriptions comes up for renewal.
  3. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Dish tv's user interface needs a lotttt of improvement. Why wait for them to improve it when there are others who already provide a much better experience.
  4. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Only waiting to get the subscription term over. :)
  5. rahulsrivastava

    rahulsrivastava New Member

    i have perched distv in 2007 ,tii date my setop box is suffering from current supply i have go to ganpati enterprises faizabad (u.p)which is distributor of distv he avoid to change my setop box.he told me that you should perches a new setop box.i have already recharge my connection with 500 rs. which going leaps.i also talk to distv customer center but i dont find any result.
    is this service of distv which assured i m the best service provider in india ,where distv customer are also suffering from above problem.i want take immediate action against distv or ganipati enterprises any person who responsible this problem.

    rahul srivastava
    <<removed personal details - moderator>>
  6. neerajvohra

    neerajvohra New Member

    On 21", the picture quality will be similar from all the DTHs. If however you are planning to go for a bigger screen - 29" and above CRT/LCD's in the near future, Airtel/TS would be a better option.

    The pic quality on some of the channels are awesome (Airtel DTH) even though they broadcast in SD. Some channels like Mtv, Discovery and Sports channels are so clear as compared to Dish TV.

    Personally, its not about the picture quality which was the sole reason to move. Its about how bad the setbox boxes are. So, why to keep continue using bad,laggy setbox's, no series of channel numbers, and they keep changing the series of channels whenever they want.

    It was pain for me to remember where what comes as I don't watch more than few hours so my experience was getting worse.

    I hated the most about the dishtv was the logo and flashing of VC numbers every few seconds. The red active bar turns on/off every now and then which really takes the pleasure of watching away.

    If you are asking about the HD price :

    Tata Sky = Base Pack + HD = 150+50 =200 PM

    Dish TV = Base Pack + HD= 350+100=450.

    Every DTH has its pros and cons
    , some go for D2h to get reasonable price, or pathetic setup boxes of Dishtv to get all channels. Others willing to pay higher price, to get better features.

    Exactly. We have so many choices now, and even the setbox is cheap. There is no point to stay with your current DTH if you are not satisfied for even one reason.
  7. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

  8. neerajvohra

    neerajvohra New Member

  9. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Close to 1 peti. But I feel that that is an overkill - going way over budget. My actual allocated funds are 70K. At most 80K.
  10. neerajvohra

    neerajvohra New Member

    But you can get better options in this budget. Good luck.
  11. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    I would love to hear your opinions.
  12. neerajvohra

    neerajvohra New Member

    I dont remember the models now, but my friend was looking for same within 1lac budget earlier. He is typical TV freak and knows a lot about LCD/LED/Plasma. Will ask him to provide some of the better options.

    Finally Airtel DTH has been installed and I must say awesome User Interface, fast EPG Guide, Great Interactive features and Universal remote. Voila !! :D

    I have purchased Airtel DTH which cost 4450rs for ultra pack for 12 months with discount of 450rs. It cost me 4000rs for an year package (Ultra pack) which includes all the channels that were in Dish TV platinum package plus neo sports(all), UTV (3), Ten sports Pack and many others.

    I think that the best deal right now who wanna move from Dish TV yearly package- As you are paying mere 4k (lesser thn the dish tv yearly package now which cost 4550rs) to get 12 months subscription- Free setbox/installation etc. Plus more channels like Neo pack, Utv pack, Ten sports Pack etc. :D:D

    Bye bye Dish TV now.

    BTW, what to do with the old dish tv stb etc ? Should I sell it and for how much ?
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  13. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    You can try to sell your old DishTV STB, etc. But you should consider yourself lucky if you get Rs. 500 for it.
  14. neerajvohra

    neerajvohra New Member

    The dish tv itself ready to buy it for 400bucks :p
  15. shiju

    shiju New Member

    If one need a recorder you can go to any DTH Provider but not Dish :D. Its sound funny that dish is the oldest and still they only have crap to offer in terms of technology.
  16. Parul Joshi

    Parul Joshi New Member

    DISH TV is the Worst Ever Provider - No Service

    Need to buy Customer appreciation and not just SRK promoting your products..... We have been contacting them for more than 20 days to re install the dish in our new Home to no avail... My life's worst choice ever... No body came to take it out despite reminders everyday and false promises they made to us wasting our time.... we had to hire and pay someone else to open it for us as we had to vacate the house and now there is no one to install it... I think if they have manpower issue they should think of closing down than harassing their customers like this.

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