dish tv dish and airtel stb work?

Discussion in 'Airtel DTH' started by krishn, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. krishn

    krishn Guest

    hi friends,

    my friend have unused dish tv dish and lnb etc. I want to use it with airtel stb. I will change direction of dish towards airtel. will it work for me?
  2. simsandy43

    simsandy43 New Member

    no, you cannot use dish tv set in place of airtel because both stb having different programing for their services. you can use it but it is verry difficult to set and it is illegal as well.
  3. Gary4gar

    Gary4gar New Member

    Nopes, it won't work. you have sell your existing dish STB and buy a new airtel STB

    Dish tv uses MPEG-2 and Airtel uses MPEG-4.
    so you can't use a MPEG-2 device to decode a MPEG-4 signal.
  4. krishn

    krishn Guest

    dish and lnb are not same in to all provider? are they locked to their satellite?
  5. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    To all repliers, You have not read the question properly.

    krishn, wants to use his old DishTV dish+lnb with his new Airel STB.

    The DishTV STB is not in question.

    In my opinion, this will work.
  6. in_msz

    in_msz New Member

    yeah aim sure it will work. but its of not much use b coz ,they charge the same as for the complete set.
  7. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Reciving dish and LNB costs not more than Rs. 500.

    Ans in_msz is right. If you switch to new provider, they may not give any rebate for existing dish+lnb. They will claim that it will not work.

    And if you wish to sell the old dish tv connection, the purchaser will require the dish/lnb as well.
  8. anamk78

    anamk78 New Member

    Yes in my views The Dish LBN will work with Airtel STB just point it in the right direction. LNBs work at same voltage and signal strength.
  9. Gary4gar

    Gary4gar New Member

    Yep it would work, But STB+Dish+LMB are sold in bundle.

    its like looking for single shoe, instead of pair.

    Hope you got my point
  10. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    I have deleted the above post. This is typical of post going offtopic.

    @sudarsan001, You need to follow forum rules and etiquette (see Announcement). You question is valid but this thread is not the proper place.

    As far your query is concerned:

    - there are not too many Airtel Digital subscribers to answer your question
    - you can easily login to their website and check for your self
    - finally you can call their customer care center

    Hope you understand.
  11. Guest

    can i use dishtv lnb and dish with airtel Set top box

    yes i have done this using airtel STB along with my old DishTV LNB and Dish works perfectly.

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