Different types of Braoad band

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Broad Band Types Choose one :

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  1. DSL

  2. Lease Line

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  3. Dial Up

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  4. All the above

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  1. Narashiman

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    I just wanted to know what are the different types of braodband connection available.
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  2. just4kix

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    Why is the poll required?

    Broadband is available via cable or telephone line (DSL). Leased line is a different concept although it also provides Broadband. Dial-up is old technology does not classify as braodband.
  3. meghna

    meghna Guest

    Different Types of Broadband

    The Broadband connection we mostly use is DSL or ADSL(Advanced Digital Subscriber Line).You can classify broadband into different data transfer rate, plans like 256kbps having unlimited download or 128kbps upto 3GB download.Broadband or wireless broadband offers large variety of plans depending on your usage.

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