Did any one ever unlocked a Reliance brodband+ modem ?

Discussion in 'Reliance Netconnect' started by vinay18, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. vinay18

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    Do you have any experience about unlocking Reliance Broadband+ modems ??? please tell me which reliance modem can be unlocked and Can used with BSNL EVDO ??? I have an vendor here at my place who is offering me only Data Card(any reliance BB+ like ZTE 2736 and Huwei one's ) for rs 499.

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  2. pothi

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    Even if I know how to unlock, I wouldn't buy such a data card. EVDO modems are not highly reliable as ADSL modems. If you go through ADSL forums, you might notice that there are still some issues with modems, even though it is a very stable and highly tested technology. In case of EVDO, I would go for a new modem via Reliance Netconnect+, then use it for BSNL (if necessary), than going for some cheap and unreliable modems available at 499 or such. Hope this helps.
  3. vinay18

    vinay18 New Member

    Where did i say that those modems are Unreliable ? These are same ones that reliance provides .. ZTE 2736,ZTE 8710, and couple of huawei modems. dont come to conclusions for yourself.
  4. gray007

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    ^^^ did u get an answer bro, can reliance netconnect be unlocked for bsnl evdo.
  5. monjuls

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    how to unlock reliance 3G netconnect

    just now i hv purchase a 3G netconnet with IMEI 911133900009215 model ZTE MF 190
  6. essbebe

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    Is it necessary to give the IME number I (if real !) in your post ? blank it.
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  7. vspraneeth05

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    u cannot use a 3g modem with EVDO

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