Desktop Not Recognising External Hardware!

Hi friends,

I have a laptop with linux OS.Recently I typed a letter in libre office( no MS word in linux) transferred it to my 8gb pen drive and went to a computer centre for a printout!I was shocked to see that desktop is not recognising the pen drive inserted i n its USB port!Just a month back I had taken a printout from the same desktop.I asked the lady in charge what is the problem? She told me this happened only with my pen drive!Is it possible to change a setting so that an external hardware is not recognised?That desktop has windows 10 OS.I went to another cybercafe and got the printout.Does it mean that a pen drive having data generated from linux OS will not be recognised on Win 10? the other centre had win7 .Shall be thankful if any experienced person in this forum can throw some light on this thankls in advance!