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Discussion in 'Hathway' started by pushy, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. pushy

    pushy New Member

    dudes, here's the list of plans that Hathway is currently offering, i got it printed but no scanner so i made a excel worksheet and made a screenshot, so here they are:

    Hathway Prepaid Plans:

    Hathway Postpaid Plans:

    please don't ask me the terms that are involved, coa i dunno what they are and i don't know whats (1:2)/(1:4)/(1:8) is, gonna ask them next time when i go to pay the bill :gunsmilie:

    i hope u find this post useful :cool:
  2. powerdoc

    powerdoc New Member

    The ratios could stand for proportion of bandwidth alloted to download & upload speed.
    So for a 256 kbps (1:4) connection, you would be getting 64 kbps upload.
    Just a guess.
  3. ag_prasun

    ag_prasun New Member

    thiswhole pre-paid and post-paid thing is such a big farce..
    there is nothing like pre-paid in hathway atleast.
    i had opted for the 256 ul pre-paid plan at 1750+tax for 3 months.
    the bill was only generated at the end of the month,and there was no restriction of 3 months.
  4. pushy

    pushy New Member

    512 UL is not available on Prepaid, it's only available on postpaid plans, explain that :6:

    also most of the unlimited plans are on postpaid, there is none in prepaid so explain that as well :6:
  5. ag_prasun

    ag_prasun New Member

    what do you need an explanation for???:confused::confused::confused:

    you have just seconded the facts that i stated above!!
  6. pushy

    pushy New Member

    dude, next time when u go to hathway's office to renew ur account, do ask them to give u a print out of all the plan available, coz i cannot explain to u what prepaid/postpaid plans hathway has coz i am not a hathway employee.
    the reason i put in effort and make those sheets is to give out the info to the users coz the hathway website is not updated with the current plans, heck, go to their website now and see which plans they have, only 3 which is not the case coz they have many plans(check the damn pics).

    also when u go their website, there's one unlimited plan listed under post-paid, and rest are all...u only guess...
    Hathway : Get Connected
  7. magnet

    magnet New Member

    appreciate your effort but dude..its better u mail at hathway and ask price list...rather than making looks like account and no one interested in reading that way...looks mess.....but will still rep your effort
  8. saurav_k

    saurav_k Guest

    i am not much interested in this isp ... but i really appreciate ur efforts ... :clap: ... reps added for you ...
  9. beyondinvisible

    beyondinvisible New Member


    I'm on a 6-month Freeway Plan and I pay a 'discounted' rate of around 1000 per month. But according to your list I should be paying much less :eek:.
  10. shridipamswap

    shridipamswap New Member

    the ratio system is fake /fooling people
    today i got my new connection
    plan new easyway128(1:1) but speed is just 10-12 which should be atleast above 100 as per ratio concerns
    after conversation with Customer Care they r aware about this and claiming speed(10-12) is perfect......huh.....damn kids!!
    thank god i hadnt clear cheque in my account by tomorrow i gonna stop cheque payment
    b aware guys!!
  11. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

  12. shridipamswap

    shridipamswap New Member

    but my plan mentioned 1:1 not 1:4 so it matters a lot
  13. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    I think u got confused between bits and bites.
    1 Bite=8 bits
    128 kbps (kilo bits per sec) = 16 kBps (kilo Bites per sec)
    against a promised maximum of 16 kBps u are getting 10-12 kBps which is not bad enough
  14. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    Maybe he thinks that because he was told 1:1 he should be getting the entire 16 kBps..
  15. blackcatasus

    blackcatasus New Member

    hatway aree looting us

    earlier 3 months 128kbs easyway 128 unlimited coasted 1123 rs now its hiked to 1461 rs
    and want to know worst part new charges r crap
    skyway regular 512 kbps ul costs 1814rs 1 month
    freeway flexi 256 kbps ul costs 803rs 1 month
    u pay 200 rs premium for bulk .. better buy 2 lines .....u will find more mistakes
  16. blackcatasus

    blackcatasus New Member

    dude sorry but u charges just got hiked from 1750rs+tax =1966 rs to 2000rs + tax = 2292 rs for 3 months

    in case of 6 months plan 256 kbps ul freeway flexi-6 the price remains unchanged mostly 4382rs to 4449 rs
    and for 12 months its 8033rs to 8764 rs

    thats happy new yr from hathway for them not for costemers

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