Creating A Wifi Connection For Up To 3 Floors

I live in a three story building all which is one house but there are three separate floors. I wish to create a wireless internet connection where people on all floors can get access to the internet. How can this be done without the internet speed being slow or the speed being unstable. I know that I require a wifi router but which router would be most suitable for creating this connection?
a good router with a good range will cost you around 4-5k but i think that signal would not be able to make up its way to the top floor of your house or you can do is get some wifi repeaters but they are not very effective


Guardian Angel
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You can always create one single network with the same access point name using multiple wireless routers - the first one will be the primary and all others will be slaves/repeaters.

  1. The first wireless router should either be a modem+router or connected to the internet modem. Configure this wireless router as described in the manual or one of many guides posted here.
  2. The second wireless router must be connected to the first wireless router via ethernet. It must be on the same subnet/vlan and it's access point name must be the same.
  3. The third wireless router, if needed, must be configured same as the second one.
Note that the above configuration forms one common network/vlan. The internet bandwidth is shared across all devices connected to this network. So the more devices connected, the slower the speed that will be.
My suggestion would be to place the wifi router in the middle floor where it would cover the top top as well as the floor below. If need be use repeaters and the connection should be fine. A good router plays a big role in the wifi connection so its good to invest into a good router.
I live in a 3 floor house as well, and I have had to get an extra mobile broadband connection as I was unable to get my wired connection to work on all three floors. There was coverage of the broadband but it was very little and at times there was none, so opted for an additional connection.