core 2 duo or i3

Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by saskumar, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. saskumar

    saskumar New Member

    for gaming which processor is better? core 2 duo or i3

    pls suggest me a pci 1 gb gfx card below 5 ths
  2. Kadamba

    Kadamba Guest

    There is no huge difference,

    If you are on core 2 duo, stick to it,specially e7200:Coz it is the best of core 2 duo
    And ya if you really wanna good gaming then please go for core i 5 instead of core i3,as c2d is equal or you can say there is no such a big difference.
  3. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

  4. rajan1311

    rajan1311 Just a member

    depends on the $$ you got. Core i3 is way way faster than Core 2 duos, but their motherboards are a bit costly and DDR3 memory is also a bit costly. If you cant afford the i3, go for AMD as its much better VFM.

    About the graphics card, what PSU you got ?
  5. talktoanil

    talktoanil New Member

    buy anything you want...but basss beta khush rehna par :)
  6. mobileprince

    mobileprince Guest

    wait till verdict is out

    wait till verdict is out, i3 is yet to prove it mettle. core 2 duo is a proven war horse
  7. rajivmehta69

    rajivmehta69 New Member

    I have used AMD it heats up a lot and my comp hung a lot

    I am really happy with my core 2 quad q8200 intel
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  8. Raccoon

    Raccoon New Member

    FWIW, I'm using an AMD since 4+ years. No issues at all.
  9. rajan1311

    rajan1311 Just a member

    That is not the case with the newer chips. They are pretty good, run cool and efficiently :)
  10. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Core2Duo maybe be a proven warhorse but it is still an old warhorse.
  11. Vignesh

    Vignesh New Member

    Personally I would go with Core i3 as it performs much better than the core 2 duo.
    As for the graphic card it is better to go with a 512MB card for your budget. Since in such low to medium grade cards the 1GB is more or less a waste. i would suggest the Zotac Geforce 9600GT which you can find for something like Rs. 4600. Or if you can increase your budget a little you can go with the Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 for Rs. 5800
  12. mashac

    mashac New Member

    Core 2 Duo is better for gaming man.
  13. rajan1311

    rajan1311 Just a member

    AMD's Athlons are equally good, Phenom Dual cores are even better. The i3s and i5s are pretty costly, even the motherboards start off at 5.5k so the platform cost with intel is a tad higher. But then the i3s are faster.
  14. gromhellscream

    gromhellscream New Member

    i3 wins , consider AMD too!!!

    I don't know, why people still think of AMD processors as furnaces...they are now as good as Intel in that department...

    Core2 duo or i3.. definitely a nod for I3...

    Check the benchmarks at tom's hardware..

    But my pick would be phenom II x4 925 any day over i3 530...( just Rs 700more or Athlon2 processors which can be unlocked to quad core with right mobo)

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