Conversion from Home500C to Unlimited Combo Plan

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by knvn, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. knvn

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    My present connection is 500C, but my upload/download limit is 1.5 GB.
    I note that BSNL has a new "Unlimited Combo Plan".

    The difference is in the speed: My present 500C allows me 250 kpbs upto 2 Mbps. I don't have too much download/upload interest, but I do have a 'Remote desktop' working arrangement. I note that this 'remote desktop' working adds to my download/upload - in about 2 hours, I add around 100 MB. My present plan gives me satisfactory speed to work on 'remote desktop', but my concern is about the 1.5 GB limit, which I will exceed pretty soon.

    If I change to the Unlimited Combo Plan (at the same charge I am paying now, i.e. Rs.500 pm + modem rental), my download/upload limit problems will be solved, but I am concerned if I will lose my speed. The Unlimited combo plan says broadband speed will be: 512 Kbps upto 4 GB & 256 Kbps beyond 4 GB. I think I will be able to pass a month within 4 GB.

    Please advise. As I understand it, the broadband speed is never constant - even when I have facility "upto 2 mbps", my download/upload speed will never reach that level, but will be in a range from 0 to 512 kbps. In that case, migration to the unlimited plan should not cause me much problems. Correct me if I am wrong please.

    Finally, I am in a rural village in Kerala, connection is through underground cable, the exchange is 3 kms away from my home.

    Thanks for your patience and assistance.
  2. essbebe

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    You can shift to Home 500C+ with 2.5 GB limit ( Rs 600 PM)
    Less phone calls Night free usage 0200AM - 0800AM/

    Using FireFox with addons or Opera you can block/
    avoid seeing the same pictures/video/flash etc.
    to keep within limit .

    Please download NetworX application, and anlayse your hourly/daily/weekly/monthly usage.
    Even the period 0600AM to 0800 AM will give you
    more speed / d/l for transfer of files etc.


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